14 costly moving mistakes to avoid

14 costly moving mistakes to avoid

Moving houses is a major undertaking that demands a lot of time and money. It is nearly impossible not to experience any hiccups during the move. But one can always consider and prepare for different aspects of moving to make the process as smooth as possible. One way to do this is to make a checklist and avoid common moving mistakes that may end up costing more than expected.

Not hiring professional service
Taking the help of family and friends to move houses and save money can turn out to be costly in the long run. The full-service moving companies are equipped professionally to handle packing, moving, and setting up of delicate items as well as heavy furniture without damage. Additionally, they have better infrastructure, trained labor, and insurance provision. In the absence of all this, moving can turn out to be a risky and time-consuming affair, and one may eventually end up stressing and making more mistakes.

Packing too late
One can easily underestimate the time required for packing. If pushed until the end, this time-consuming act can propel one to make costly mistakes. For example, one may forget to forfeit one’s security deposit at the old place or damage or misplace items in haste.

Packing essentials too early
Packing essentials months in advance is not advisable. One may have to open up an entire package to retrieve a missing t-shirt or fry pan that’s already sealed. Alternatively, to avoid unpacking, one can buy essential items and end up spending unnecessarily. The best way is to start with packing out-of-season and non-essential items.

Packing in the wrong containers
Different house items require appropriate containers, like paper boxes, waterproof and lightweight plastic bins, polybags, woven sacks, and more. Stacking paintings or clothes and sharp cutlery or stationary in the same box, for example, may make them more vulnerable to getting damaged in transit.

Not paying for moving insurance
Most movers include insurance in their moving contracts, but some may offer basic limited liability protection. If a company doesn’t offer insurance or doesn’t cover all valuables, it’s advisable to get additional insurance from a third-party provider. Taking adequate coverage for items that are expensive or may get harmed during transit can help one to save money.

Handing over valuables to movers
Small valuable items are likely to get lost or stolen while moving. Irrespective of whether one trusts the hired personnel, it’s best to personally pack and move valuable possessions, so one does not meet with any financial losses.

Assuming all companies cheat
Another common mistake is to assume that all movers may either cheat or steal from one. This can lead one to do most of the moving work alone and cost more, both time and money-wise. It’s best to take references from people and read customer reviews on different movers to shortlist trustworthy and honest companies. Many professional companies offer budget moving and in-house services even for long distances.

Moving in the peak of the season
This may not always be possible in case of emergencies. But if one has the freedom to choose, one can move during off seasons like holidays or wintertime. Summers are a busy time for moving and packing companies. One may struggle to find the preferred company or time slot, and the prices may also be higher than usual. So, one can choose September to May for moving houses. Making an earlier reservation with the company can also help one to explore more options in terms of companies, available time slots, and obtaining the best rates.

Not planning for packing materials
Underestimating the quantity of packing material required, including boxes and tape, or fetching them at the last minute, may end up wasting one’s time. One can ask a moving company to estimate one’s packing requirements. Since these materials are for temporary use, one way of saving money here is to plan in advance. One can buy boxes during festive offers and even ask friends and family to save their packing material for you if any.

Not labeling the boxes properly
Ignoring the chore of labeling boxes is a surefire way to waste time. It is advisable to label fragile items and boxes depending on the rooms they belong in. This makes it easier for the movers to place them appropriately in the new house. One can also number all the boxes to ensure that everything has been transported.

Not packing valuables and breakable items properly
One’s advised to bubble wrap and use padding for glass cutlery to avoid breaking them during transit. Similarly, one can save a safe space for expensive jewelry and other valuable items to avoid misplacing them.

Not measuring the furniture correctly
One is advised to measure the furniture space, floor plan, doorways height, and staircases in the new home correctly. This enables the helpers to move furniture pieces like appliances, bookcases, wardrobes, dressers and others easily.

Not securing parking permits
The movers’ truck or vehicle tends to occupy significant road space until the moving is complete. So, it’s best to get the parking permit for the same well in advance to avoid last-minute paperwork and procedure.

Not asking for an estimate
Before using the movers’ services or packing up, it is advisable to ask the movers for a breakdown of the estimate. This can assist one in budgeting for various expenditures, such as moving supplies and unforeseen transit problems.

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