3 tattoo ink sets to invest in

3 tattoo ink sets to invest in

Today, tattoos are flaunted with style and they make heads turn. They are quite popular among the newer generations who do not shy from experimenting. As the tattoo industry is booming, many are learning the art of tattoo creation and becoming successful tattoo artists. If you are one of them and are looking for products related to ink tattoo supplies, then we have compiled a list for you. Read on:

Victor Chil 12 Color Set
These ink tattoo supplies are vegan and cruelty-free, which means they have not been tested on animals. Additionally, they are tested according to the present regulations. They contain a proprietary mix of all-natural ingredients. These items are hyper-concentrated pigments for optimal color saturation. You can buy this set on Solid Ink for $138. The different colors included in this set range from green and yellow to golden and blue. Upon purchasing this set, you even get a free Victor Chil x Solid Ink t-shirt.

Millennium Mom’s 14 Bottle Set
Popularly known as Moms’ Ink, this set from Millennium Mom’s is quite famous among buyers worldwide. Its nuclear UV inks have found a huge following. These ink tattoo supplies are vegan-friendly. This set contains 14 half-ounce bottles, with colors ranging from white and ice blue to brown and magenta.

The manufacturer pays special attention to quality control. They diligently check every ink for flow rate, color consistency, and pigment life, making sure that each bottle clears these parameters with high standards before being available for sale. The products in this set are created with a high pigment concentration, giving your tattoos a rich, vibrant appearance. Moreover, this set offers value for money if you are looking to purchase in bulk and restock your inventory. This set is available on Amazon for $62.99.

Intenze 19 Color Tattoo Ink Set
Intenze produces inks that are 100 percent vegan. Their inks are known to be extremely safe. Their set of 19 half-ounce bottles offers great value for money. All of their inks are manufactured in a certified facility, are sterilized for safety, and go through a thorough quality control process. Some of the colors included in this set are black, orange, light magenta, and red. You can buy the set for $107 on the brand’s official website.

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