4 benefits of landline phone services

4 benefits of landline phone services

Landline phone services can be useful in emergencies and in general. If you’ve been tempted to join the mobile only movement, you would have found that there’s more than what meets the eye where landline phone services are concerned. From 911 calls during natural disasters to accurate location tracking to good transmission quality, landline phone services provide many perks which go unnoticed by most users. If you need a reason for keeping your landline phone services or you’re considering installing a new landline phone, read on to find the benefits. The top four benefits of landline phone services include the following.

  • Accurate locations: GPS tracking can identify your location but can’t say which floor you’re on. It relies mostly on satellite data. Hence if the information is incorrect or the location is inaccurate, then emergency services might miss out on you. This can pose a problem during natural disasters. A landline phone service, however, routes your location directly to 911. It lets the caller know your location and floor as well. High altitude buildings can benefit from landline phones.
  • Better voice quality: Unlike cell phones which will switch off during power outages or give a poor reception during certain weather conditions, a landline phone will never compromise on voice quality. You will always be able to get crystal clear audio reception. This will benefit those who have a hearing problem. Additionally, landline phones work during power outages as long as the cord connects to the other landline or to a VOIP service with battery backup.
  • Improved cell phone reception: If you have a cordless phone service, you can place your cell phone near the base of it to improve signal reception. This in turn will enhance the voice quality of your cell phone reception. Additionally, you obtain access to your wireless service with Bluetooth technology. This will let you make wireless calls to other services using cordless phones.
  • Affordable rates: The best reason to keep your landline phone service or to get a new one is that landlines are much more affordable than cell phone services. Cordless phones tend to have longer battery life in comparison to cell phones while wired landline phones have no caps on the call duration or battery life. Most landline phone services offer free local calls and the setup for the hardware and equipment is a lot cheaper when compared to cell phone services. There is also no fear of disconnection due to power outages.

Comfort is another factor to consider. You can easily pick up your landline phone and nestle it between your head and shoulders and go hands free. Also cordless phones are wireless and come with various tech features such as backlit displays, caller ID displays, storing call logs, etc. Technically, they are more convenient than cell phone services. Hence it can be clearly seen that the advantages of landline phones far outweigh that of mobiles and you should opt for landline phones.

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