4 coolest ideas for a wall-to-wall carpet for your space

4 coolest ideas for a wall-to-wall carpet for your space

Layering the new flooring with a luxurious carpet is an absolutely perfect way for adding warmth, elegance, and a new vibe to the room, without burning a big hole in your pocket. Carpets are cozy and due to their heating capacity, the floor insulates almost 15 times higher than other surface options. It’s quite, durable, non-slip and a good number of varieties make it easy to get a suitable one for bedroom or living room. As per interior expert’s suggestion, a wall to wall designer carpet or broadloom is ideal for cutting and binding to appropriate dimensions. If you’re not ready to buy a wall-to-wall one, get a rug for an additional view of color, pattern, and softness. As far as the rugs are concerned, they’re not inappropriate for redefining rooms and spaces like seating areas and even covering damaged spots. Based on the desirable size, it’s possible to use a carpet remnant if you’re very much worried about saving money. Here’s a list of nice and modern wall-to-wall designer carpet styles that you can consider for your space.

Geometric Designs
Be it curtains, carpets, linens or bed sheets, geometric patterns are very much ‘in’ in terms of decor. It not only creates an interesting look but is an amazing way for breaking up the open idea layout in a room. And obviously, there’s no harm in opting for trendy designs by choosing a subtle design with geometric patterns for soothing colors. Opt for shady grove or stencil pattern in ceramic bases.

Natural Fibers
Traditional touches can never go out-of-trend and natural textiles are among those which are still interesting and trendy in the world of interior decors. Even for flooring, natural materials are always appropriate. Nowadays, jute or sisal materials are quite high in demand for natural designing patterns. It’s approachable as well as it creates a warm and comfortable feeling in the space. Luxury carpets are usually made of natural fibers.

Striking Striations
In this fusion era, two good materials are blended to create an amazingly different texture and material. Carpets designs are no exception to that. Blending organic texture with a lustrous accent and luxurious area rug is a perfect way to exhibit the phenomenal features of wood along with stone. It makes the outstanding balance for both rustic floors with hardwood material as well as matte finished tile-flooring. Amplification of striations is the fundamental way to get this trendy look. For such designer carpets, a combination of beige, gray as well as taupe fibers are well-suited.

Mosaic Motif
If you’re too concerned about the trends of interior and decor, mosaic motif pattern must be in your checklist for creating a whole new look to the room. Numerous colors, patterns, and designs are available in terms of area rug so that you can get something unique for your interior.

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