4 tips to save on your next tire purchase

4 tips to save on your next tire purchase

When you own a car or a heavy-duty commercial vehicle, its repairs and maintenance expenses must be borne from time to time to ensure it runs well. Even general automotive maintenance can be quite expensive, and one of the priciest parts are the tires. Tires must be replaced frequently and you certainly cannot skimp out on the quality. The good news is that you can use discounts and promo codes to bring down the cost of this annual maintenance.

Here are a few simple shopping ideas to save big on auto spares purchases.

Wait of year-end sales
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest online shopping days in the calendar year. You can avail great discounts on all purchases and it is the perfect opportunity to buy some auto parts and spares. All the top brands and manufacturers in the business offer rebates and tires coupons in partnership with selling platforms like Pepboys, MrTire, and TiresPlus. It doesn’t matter if the tires will be used during the shopping season. You will still save a lot of money on early bird deals.

Avoid unnecessary purchases
Buy only what you need. If your SUV is not built specifically for off-roading, there is no point in investing in tires that are designed for the dirt road or rough terrain. Instead, you can always buy and keep a couple of spares in the boot. These may come in handy when you plan a long-distance trip, say, driving along the iconic Route 66 going east to west. Spares can be bought at dirt cheap prices, especially with special rebates that you can avail even after applying tires coupons for a better discount.

Online shopping can be better
If you have a warehouse store membership, like the ones they give you at Costco’s or Sam’s, it is cheaper to buy tires there. Members avail additional discounts and enjoy certain waivers on installation and replacement services. However, if you don’t purchase frequently enough to pay for membership, shop online instead. Pepboys, MrTire, TiresPlus, JustTires, and DiscountTire are the top five websites in the country that offer deals on everything automotive. Get amazing discounts, rebates, tires coupons, group discounts, and even online membership benefits on your next tire purchase. The best part, you can order everything online and have the auto parts delivered to your doorstep.

Avail package deals
If you plan to invest in a new set of tires outside the shopping season, tires coupons and discount codes may not help you save much. Here, you can buy package deals instead that include both the tires and the rims to maximize your saving potential. For example, the winter season is still a good 4-5 months away, and now is a good time to buy and stock snow and track tires. Brands often offer combo deals and include a set of wheels with the tires to help move inventory at a lower cost, which proves beneficial for you.

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