5 awesome places to rent an apartment for seniors

5 awesome places to rent an apartment for seniors

Looking for an apartment doesn’t have to be a hassle. Senior apartment rentals can especially come in handy since you don’t have to worry about shoveling snow, doing hectic tasks, and overloading yourself with tons of work. Old age needs to be carefree and relaxed, and it starts with what matters most – the location.

The location, climate, culture, and lifestyle of the environment seniors live in can impact their health. Plus it needs to be affordable too otherwise renting an apartment won’t make sense and frankly speaking, your seniors don’t want to wound up burning a hole in their pocket.

Here are five awesome places to get senior apartment rentals in the world.

Seniors aged 65 and older get free rides on the T-Bus and on the Monongahela Incline. That’s a pretty convenient aspect of senior apartment rentals in Pittsburgh. Its medical university is famous for geriatrics and if your young ones live with seniors and are interested in the field of medicine, then that’s something to consider. Besides this, seniors get free transportation for the most part and the median rental cost for senior apartments is on an average $608 a month.

Mass, Springfield
If you’re looking for cost-effective transportation and low median senior apartment rentals, Mass in Springfield can be a great place to live. Seniors aged 60 and above are eligible for low-cost van services and the bus tickets are sold at half-priced fares for seniors. The median rental amount for senior apartments in Mass,is only a $608 a month.

Tucson, Arizona
Known as the desert city of Arizona and surrounded by five mountain ranges, Tucson in Arizona is famous for their art galleries and serene environment. If your senior wants a quiet place to live in, Arizona can be a spot to go for senior apartment rentals. Additionally, Arizona is famous for hosting various food festivals, events, and colorful fairs every year. You’ll never get bored staying there and the pompous celebratory spirit is something to consider. The slight downside is that it’s a little pricier than other places and the median rental wage is $716 a month.

Providence, Rhode Island
If you’re looking for a scenic place for senior apartment rentals, then the Rhode Island in Providence is the right way to go. The place is famous for its two amazing rivers – the New Bedford and the Fall River, and the housing is affordable too which is priced at a median wage of $644 per month. There are several tourist attraction spots and the Miriam And Newport hospitals are famous in the geriatrics department nationally. Additionally, the Rhode Island Transit Authority offers half-price fares for transportation services for seniors.

Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville is the home of Vanderbilt University and is famous for its music culture. There’s never a dull moment there and retirees can pay a median rent of $701 a month for senior apartments there. The Music City there is another attraction spot and the city booms with culture and affordable senior rental options.

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