5 popular hatchbacks of 2021

5 popular hatchbacks of 2021

SUVs, along with crossover models, have been the hot favorite among a lot of car buyers. However, despite their huge popularity in the car market, SUVs and crossovers cannot compete with the fuel efficiency, smooth handling, and practicality that a hatchback has to offer. Here is a list of the best cars in 2021 when it comes to the hatchback segment.

Chevrolet Spark
This is one of the best cars in 2021 in the hatchback segment. Chevrolet’s Spark is a subcompact hatchback that is considered to be a complete value for money. If you are looking for a car that becomes a simple and efficient mode of transportation for you, Chevrolet Spark is your pick. It is a practical car that focuses on fuel efficiency and also gives you a hi-tech and impressive infotainment system.

Hyundai Veloster
If you like to add some fun to your drives, the Hyundai Veloster should be your ideal choice. The styling of the car is done in such a way that it maintains its new sporty look and also accommodates its three-door design. It comes with two doors on one side and one long door on the other side. In addition to a stylish look, the hatchback also aces its utility game. The cargo room provided in the car is 20 cubic feet and can be expanded to 45 cubic feet.

Mazda 3 Hatchback
Currently in its fourth generation, Mazda offers this compact car in its hatchback or sedan segment. The car received a redesign in 2019 in which its interiors got a facelift in terms of their features and looks. But in the 2021 Mazda 3, the interiors of the car are of materials of higher quality to give it a more premium look as compared to other cars in this segment. With this car you have a cargo space of 20 cubic feet, which is right behind the back seats. The Mazda 3 has some of the most stylish and sporty exteriors in the hatchback segment.

Hyundai Elantra GT
This car is marketed as a separate model by the carmaker. The Elantra GT offers a smooth ride and is also a fuel-efficient option. Compared to the Elantra sedan, the Elantra GT has more horsepower. This one delivers 201 horsepower and has a turbo-four engine. This car should be your pick if you are looking for something safe and reliable in the hatchback segment.

Volkswagen Golf
If you want a hatchback that has ample cargo space and a luxurious cabin, this one should be your pick. The cabin is quieter, and the seats are comfortable. There is ample space in the front as well as in the back. The standard features of the car include upholstery made of synthetic leather, heated front row seats, wi-fi connectivity, panoramic sunroof, and much more.

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