5 powerful edgers to revamp your lawn

5 powerful edgers to revamp your lawn

Everyone has hobbies that can be quite therapeutic as well. Some like reading, whereas, there are some who love getting their hands dirty. This hobby involves planting new saplings, taking out the weeds, and adoring your handiwork at the end. There is an amazing majority of people who love gardening.

Tending to your lawn, and getting rid of weeds is the most time-consuming tasks. If you think you can manually pull out the weeds, or trim the lawn, you would be spending your entire morning trying to get things in order. This is where technology steps in. Edgers would do this task for you, and buying an edger would be a one-time investment.

If you are keen on buying edgers to tend to your lawn, but if you are first-timer, there are chances that you would be baffled at the variety of edgers you would come across. So, here’s a list of the most popular edgers that could help you take off your lawn efficiently.

The Ariens 986103– This gas-powered edger can trim, edge and adjust to any landscape with ease. It can cut the lawn in firm lines, and you don’t have to worry about your edger jumping out of your hands. Though the edger has a recoil start, it starts easily and is equipped with an operator sensor control. This helps in protecting yourself from any physical harm.

Black & Decker LE750- This edger has been designed to promote easy lawn movement. Powerful and efficient, the Black & Decker edger can tackle undergrowth swiftly. Also, it can cut clean edges and create trenches around trees, borders and garden beds. Since it is equipped with 3 wheels, maneuvering it is an easy task.

The Craftsman 29cc 77380- This edger is equipped with a powerful 29cc gas engine. The double-edged blade that this edger has allows you to choose the depth you require to give your lawn a neat edge. The high-powered edger is suitable for large lawns, and the powerful engine makes the task an easy and convenient one.

Echo PE-225- This compact edger is one of its kind. It’s lightweight, powerful and can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes. Though the size can be misleading, it is one of the edgers that can cut through anything, and can help give your lawn the desired look.

GreenWorks 27032- Unlike other gas-powered edgers that have bulky engines, this edger has a relatively smaller engine. But, this doesn’t stop it from cutting through the weeds and giving you lawn an amazing facelift. The adjustable front wheel allows you to determine the depth at which the edger would cut the lawn.

So, make the right choice, and keep your lawn beautiful.

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