5 ways to deal with diabetic nerve pain effectively

5 ways to deal with diabetic nerve pain effectively

Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common complaints among people suffering from this disease. Diabetic nerve pain is the result of nerve damages caused by chronic high blood sugar levels and poor blood circulation. Even though this condition cannot be cured, the effects of diabetic nerve pain can be managed. Here are some effective ways to control your pain naturally.

Controlling blood sugar levels:
The first thing that is important in treating diabetic nerve pain is to control the blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to nerve damage and peripheral neuropathy. Patients who control their blood sugar levels have seen improvements in their lives with the reduced pain.

Regular exercise helps in improving the blood circulation in the body, maintain a healthy weight, normal blood sugar levels and improves strength and mobility of the body. Recent studies show that regular exercise can help reduce nerve pain and can also help in epidermal nerve branching. Regular walking for the patients is necessary to treat the diabetic nerve pain. Exercise not only helps in these things but also increases the tolerance level for pain.

Warm water treatment:
This is an effective remedy for easing the pain in different body parts. Taking a warm water bath reduces diabetic nerve pain and improves blood circulation in the legs and skin. Check the temperature with your arm before stepping into the water.

Natural supplements:
Treatments with oils like primrose and other essential oils also help in reducing the pain. These have anti-inflammatory properties and are known to dull pain and reduce inflammation. Oil extracted from the primrose plant is rich in omega-6 fatty acids which help in branching of the nerves thus lowering pain. Several botanical oils like Geranium oil and Lavender oil are beneficial for putting the ones with pain to relief.

Eat a healthy diet:
If you are suffering from diabetes nerve pain, you need to eat right and keep blood sugar levels under control. For achieving this, you need to eat a fiber-rich diet that is loaded with nutrients. Limit the consumption of fried and refined foods.

The different types of diabetic nerve pain can be treated when they are in their initial stages. However if your pain in not manageable, your doctor might refer invokana tanzeum glucagon diabetes treatments to tackle the issue.

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