6 tips for planning an ideal family vacation

6 tips for planning an ideal family vacation

Planning a family vacation is quite challenging. You must consider every member’s travel and adventure expectations and try to accommodate as much as possible in a single trip. Whether for domestic travel or past international experiences, from flights to hotel booking and dining options, you must consider every alternative available. This is where you’ll benefit from booking an all-inclusive vacation package. Here are some valuable tips to secure the best family vacation packages worldwide.

Decide on the type of vacation
Before comparing and searching for deals, decide on the type of vacation you want. Does your itinerary involve a lot of driving or flying? If it’s both, will you be able to cover a lot of places considering layovers and on-road delays? How many hours can you drive without taking frequent breaks? Does your budget allow for multiple rentals in every new destination? Can you shift from one location to the other during check-in and check-out times? And does the plan involve a lot of resort and beach fun or inland adventures like amusement and water parks? All these are essential factors to consider before booking an ambitious travel itinerary.

Book well in advance
Cruises, expeditions, and exclusive tours are all popular family vacation packages that get picked up when booking partners update the details. You don’t want to wait till the last moment, especially when you’re planning a vacation for the entire family. Also, booking in the off-season is a good idea to avail better discounts and deals. Family vacation packages are generally booked to fill a specific volume for the travel partner. So peak season, the prices will be bumped up to accommodate guests. However, these deals will be cheaper in the off-season to encourage filling in the empty spots.

Book with specific partners
Planning a family vacation means you’ll have to consider every member’s wish and find a way to accommodate their plans in the single travel itinerary. This can be pretty challenging if you simply browse for deals and packages with limited travel options. Specific websites and booking partners guarantee all-inclusive vacation offers for a reasonable price. For example, Expedia offers a unique booking filter called ‘Traveler Experience’ where you can select vacations based on experiences at the location. CheapTickets is another alternative offering excellent budget packages with a comprehensive travel itinerary and all-inclusive price. You can filter our results further by using meta-search engines like Momondo to select property styles and locate kid-friendly vacation deals. Many airlines also offer family vacation packages as part of a booking deal with flights and hotels included. The devil is in the detail of booking when using these websites.

Compare all-inclusive family vacation packages
When you travel with the family, it’s better to consider all-inclusive packages. All-inclusive packages cover your hotel stay, food, and a preplanned itinerary with a flexible schedule you can confirm in advance. With an all-inclusive deal, you’ll know upfront how much money will be spent per person. So, managing both budget and expectations at the location becomes easier. Once you pick a comfortable plan, allocating extra funds for other trip expenses is easy. All-inclusive deals further allow you to plan multiple excursions and activities to enjoy at the location in advance. For example, if you are traveling to the beach, resorts offer various water sporting adventures as part of the package. If the purpose of the trip is to explore new places, book tour packages offered as add-ons. With an all-inclusive deal, you’ll also get a good sense of the amenities included and excluded from the price.

Make travel goals
Even if you have a fixed itinerary to follow, it never hurts to have some fun travel goals to make the vacation more memorable. For example, traveling to a new destination, you can plan to try one local delicacy every single day. Or try to learn some essential conversation starters in the local language to discover more you can explore. Plan to try a new activity that you might have a fear of and have been postponing for the right time to pick. Traveling with family members, you’ll have a lot of audiences to encourage and boost your morale by trying the new activity – like paragliding or snorkeling, depending on the location. Plan and agree to mutual travel goals that everybody can enjoy as part of the trip. Planning together allows you maximum room to decide on activities and excursions that nobody will resist or get bored of on the trip.

Have realistic expectations
Package deals, even the ones that mention all-inclusive, will limit a certain number of activities and experiences. But there is no sure way to tell if the booking will be worth the price. Some experiences will be memorable, but you and your family should also be prepared for the few dull moments that make up the day. Hiccups in transportation and amenities are all part and parcel of any well-planned vacation, as there are some factors that you just can’t control. So get ready for some spontaneous change in plans, and even if it costs a bit more, the memories you make with family and friends are worth the money spent well. So always have realistic expectations and keep an open mind to enjoy the most of your trip.

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