A guide to buying a glider chair for your nursery

A guide to buying a glider chair for your nursery

Glider chairs are comfortable seating furniture for mothers with newborn babies. They can sit back in these chairs comfortably while breastfeeding, and the gliding motion of the chair also puts the baby to sleep. Here is a short overview of what to look for in a glider.

A relaxing chair
Moving chairs aren’t new. In fact, rocking chairs have been around for centuries. These chairs help you relax as the rocking motion has a calming effect. However, with a rocking chair, you needed to provide the power by pushing it back with your leg or your weight.
In a modern glider chair, the movement is automatic. A sliding mechanism is housed inside a stable base on the chair. This provides a smooth forward and backward motion rather than an arc-like motion with a rocking chair.

Choosing a glider chair
Look at the material, the fabrics, add-ons, safety mechanisms, etc. of the gliding chair before buying it.

  • Material
    You can buy a wood glider or an upholstered glider. Wood gliders are compact, but you have to buy the cushions separately. These wood gliders can come in different styles and you can choose a chair that matches the decor of the room. Upholstered gliders come with built-in cushions and they offer a wider range of choice in styles, colors, fabrics, etc. They take up more room but can be more comfortable.
  • Reclining
    Gliders can come with reclining adjustments or without it. If you feel that you need this feature, make sure the chair you have chosen has it. Some of these models come with a foldable footrest that can be extended when the chair is in a reclining position and folded down when the chair is upright.
  • Ottomans
    Some glider chairs come with an ottoman for resting your feet. However, most of the times, you have to buy them separately. It is a good investment as most new moms would like to put up their feet and rest while holding the baby. Some ottomans also come with an automatic gliding feature.
  • Safety
    Check for a lock mechanism that enables you to lock the chair in a particular position. With this feature, you can find and fix a comfortable position for yourself. It also keeps the chair stable when it is not being used thereby preventing any accidental injuries.
  • Other Features
    Look for features like good padding on the armrests and check if the cushioning feels comfortable enough for you. Check the width of the chair. You should be able to turn around and adjust your position in it.
    Select a glider with stain-safe cushions and upholstery. This makes it easier to clean spit-ups and spills. You can also pick and choose the colors and upholstery designs to match the general theme and look of your nursery.

So invest in a glider chair and rock your baby to sleep with its back and forth motion.

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