A guide to the different types of gold chains

A guide to the different types of gold chains

If you wish to look stunningly breathtaking at any event, there’s plenty of things that go into making you look like a diva. Your hair, makeup, dress, jewelry, everything has to be on point. The perfect dress would be incomplete without the perfect jewelry. The emphasis here is on how much people in general and women in particular love their jewelry. It makes for the perfect gift on all occasions. One such jewelry that never goes out of style and which can serve as the perfect gift for women of any age is the gold chain. The delicate yet precious yellow metal, woven into different patterns can make any woman happy. But, things are not as simple as they look. You set out to buy a gold chain, and the jeweler would show you different patterns of gold chains, and that’s where you get stuck with the variety of choices.

There’s different types of gold chains and to ease your confusion, the popular ones are listed below.

The bead chain- Beaded chains were almost everyone’s favorite in their school days. However, since you are all grown up now and your love for beads still persists, though you cannot go to work wearing the bead chain, you have a suitable alternate here. You can opt for a gold chain with beads. These beads too would be made of gold and they would be placed at regular intervals along the chain.

The box chain- Gold chains are not just a woman’s jewelry, it is worn by men as well. This doesn’t have to come as a shocker. Of course, men don’t opt for the sleek delicate designs that women usually prefer, they prefer something that is more “tough.” The box type gold chain suits this bill perfectly. There are small box shaped designs crafted through the length of the chain and these are slightly thicker than the usual gold chains.

The Figaro chain- This gold chain has a very unique design. It has flattened links and what makes it all the more interesting is that, none of these links are of the same size. All the links are of different sizes. There is a repeated pattern after 5 short links followed by a longer link.

The mariner chain- There are light-weight gold chains and heavier ones and then there’s the mariner chain. The strongest of all the gold chains, the mariner chain looks sturdy as well. It has uniform links through the length of the chain and each link has a vertical bar in the middle.

The next time you go shopping for a gold chain, you can surely tell the different types of gold chains apart.

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