Adding a personal touch to the thank you card for your employees

Adding a personal touch to the thank you card for your employees

Your employees do a lot of work for you. Have you, as a boss taken the effort to thank them or appreciate them some time? One of the most important parts of building rapport with your employees and get them to do their work with cheer is to take the time to thank them at their best moments. It could be a simple project completion, or an individual employee who took on a hard task and earned the graces of your clients, the least you could do as a boss to keep your employees happy is to send them a professional thank you note with a personal touch of yours.

When you are writing out a thank you card to your employees, it has to follow a certain standard procedure to maintain a formal tone. Here are some tips that will help you write one effectively.

Start with a salutation. Just like a formal letter, you need to zero in on the right type of greeting to begin your employee thank you card. A personal touch here would be to use the employee’s name instead of just addressing it with a hi or a hello. You can add a greeting like Hi (name), dear (name), or just begin your employee thank you card with the name of the person.

It is not enough to just give a thank you card to your employee, you need to add an actual thank you message so that your employee knows they are appreciated. It shows that you really value the effort and you would like them to stay motivated. For example, “Thank you for taking the effort to help out with (project name), and I really appreciate the fact that you went an extra mile to make it the best.” Remembering your employee’s efforts and adding a personal mention of the same in your employee thank you card is sure to make your employee’s day.

Once you have written a phrase, just don’t leave the employee thank you card hanging, you need to give it a finish as well. Here, as a boss, if you know your employee well, then you can show your personal touch by adding in a statement about them. This not only shows you actually remembered what they had told you sometime before but also that you took the effort to communicate with them.

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