The guide to choose the perfect faucet

The guide to choose the perfect faucet

Whether you are revamping your bath or constructing a new one, the right faucets can add just the touch of luxury and glamour, which you are aiming for. However, selecting the perfect bathroom faucet is no cakewalk. Here’s a list of things you need to know before buying a bathroom faucet.

Budget: There is a wide variation in the prices of faucets depending on their quality. You don’t want to be stuck with a poor quality product just because it was available at throwaway prices. Go for reliable brands which have a well-established presence in the market.

Quality: In the long run, faucets made from solid brass are the most reliable. They can resist corrosion and withstand variations in water temperature and alkalinity.

Faucet configuration

  • Centerset: A centerset configuration typically implies three holes on the sink with a spread of around four inches. In some models, the handles and spout are connected together in a single compact structure. This works well for small sinks with limited space. Specially designed single-handle faucets, which come with a bottom plate can also be mounted on a 3-hole centerset configuration.
  • Widespread: This configuration features two independent handles and a separate spout mounted on three separate holes. It is more suitable, if you have sufficient space on the sink and countertop. The handles in this spread are usually six inches apart.
  • Wall-mounted units: These faucets spring from the wall behind the sink. They will draw the water supply contained within the wall. Before opting for wall-mounted faucets, consider the existing plumbing in your bathroom. Further, the spout should have an adequate height and depth so that the water does not skid off the edges.
  • A single-hole faucet: It features the spout and a single handle or two handles in one compact unit.

If you’re just replacing an existing bathroom, you may have to stick to the existing configuration or find one that is compatible with the number of holes in the sink.

Style: Go for styles that are in harmony with interiors of your bathroom. While keeping up with trends is good, it won’t serve you well to overlook the functional aspects.

Finish: Taking time to decide on the exterior finish is as important as considering the style or design of the faucet. You have a range of choice including nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, gold and stainless steel available in various shades. Again, you can have a matte exterior or a polished one to match your personal style.

Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

  • Add a touch of chic by mixing up classic vintage bath fittings with contemporary faucets.
  • You can use more than one finish that complements one another in the same bathroom.
  • Faucets in neutral colors blend with almost any other color in your bathroom.
  • Soap residue or depositions are more visible in darker shades.
  • PVD finishes are one of the longest lasting and reliable finishes.

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