Best 32 inch TVs for your home

Best 32 inch TVs for your home

These 32-inch televisions are compact and good for small homes if you don’t have much space in your living room for a big screen this can be your right choice. Some brands come out with smart features but the choice is very limited in small screen, these small TV’s usually have the basic specifications with a medium picture quality. Listed below are a few brands with 32-inch screens.

The TCL Roku can be a budget small screen that’s quite affordable with decent picture quality and a few smart features. Whereas the sound quality is a little less and picture settings are limited. The design is basic and the ends are a bit thick hence it’s not recommended for wall mounting. Place it on a wide table with the provided plastic feet and have a space for the plug-in as the inputs are given at the back. This 32 inch TV is good for a dark room, when set in a bright room the picture quality is less due to the maximum brightness from outside. It has a simple OS to navigate and has access to all the popular apps through the Roku store this can be also connected to a Roku smartphone or tablet. It has most of the basic features that users expect for a small home which is not found in many other 32 inch brands at such a cheap price.

This is an entry-level TV with good motion quality, the picture quality is a bit poor compared to higher end models such as the Vizio D-Series 60-inch TV or the 65-inch TV which are both ultra HD 4k TVs. However, the 32-inch one is a good small screen TV compared to the price it is being offered for. It has a good cast platform that’s found on higher end models. This is best suited to a room with less glare and reflection as the backlight isn’t very bright. The movies appear very smooth when played from Blu-rays and streaming apps. It has a good input lag but the choice of input is very limited. The sound is average is more than enough for small rooms. This can receive information about streams to play from a tablet, mobile or PC.

A smart functional small flat screen TV with LED backlight and dynamic contrast ratio, surround sound mode. This could be wall mounted, has two HDMI sockets, one optical digital audio, one headphone and USB socket. Gives the viewers crisp, bright and colorful images, it also allows you to stream contents from tablets, smartphones and is very compatible in enhancing picture quality.

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