Best Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Business

Best Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Business

When it comes to cloud computing, most of us like to play safe with the most popular cloud storage and computing companies like Dropbox, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google. In reality, there are a huge number of options beyond these names, which are efficient, reliable, and budget friendly. Small businesses that do not have the fortune to invest in the storage and protection of their data can think of the below-mentioned options to provide them with the high quality of services while costing them less as compared the top brands of the niche. Read on to find out the best cloud computing solutions for small businesses.

Approval Donkey
Approval Donkey is one of the best cloud-based service providers as it that does not cost you a fortune. It can be used free of cost for basic features and the plus program, which is paid costs you around $13 per month. Approval Donkey can integrate with several other applications and provides you with a centralized interface for ease of working. It lets you set up approval workflows. This cloud-based service is ideal for small businesses that are looking for proper approval flows on every level in the organization.

Asana is a project management application that lets you organize your projects and interact with various teams in the process. It is capable of managing multiple tasks between various teams and allows inter-team contacts, reporting, and conversations. Asana will be a great cloud-based service if you are a small business owner dealing with multiple teams who work together and there is a huge amount of data that needs to be shared on a regular basis. The free version of Asana lets you work with 15 members but it offers limited features. If you want to work with a bigger team and wish to use all the features this application has to offer, you have to pay around $10 per month.

Airtable is a mixture of a cloud-based spreadsheet and a database. It is an efficient information management software. If you are running a small business, which has a lot of data that needs to be stored, structured, and shared among all the relevant people, Airtable is the best cloud computing solution for small business. This service comes with a huge number of templates that let you structure your data into a calendar, an inventory, a Kanban chart, and much more based on the need of your project. The free version of Airtable lets you manage up to 1200 elements along with 2GB of storage space for your data but if you pay around $10 per month, you will get more space, support, more items, and revision tracking of six months.

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