Best prepaid cell phone plans from top providers

Best prepaid cell phone plans from top providers

Most carriers offer two primary types of cell phone plans: prepaid and postpaid. A prepaid plan is considered more affordable. You pay a fixed amount to activate the service for a specific period and recharge at the end of the plan period. The best part is that there are no unanticipated changes. However, there are many prepaid plans, and choosing one can get tricky. Here are the best options from top carriers.

Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile is known for the best overall value prepaid packages. You can choose from many monthly plans, ranging from $15 to $30. But the 20 GB plan at $20 per month strikes the ideal balance between data and cost. Besides 20 GB of 5G or 4G LTE data, you get unlimited talk and text. The price is applicable for the first three months. After that, you can renew with a three, six, or 12-month plan. You can also opt for Mint Mobile’s family plan, which costs $15 per month per line for more than two lines.

This carrier provides some of the fastest internet speeds and the best coverage. Verizon’s 15 GB prepaid plan for $50 a month is the most cost-effective. It provides 5G coverage and the option to use your phone as a mobile hotspot. You can get a $5 discount for signing up for autopay. Additionally, Verizon will take $5 off the monthly fee if you stick with your plan for three months and another $5 after nine months. Thus, keeping with Verizon can reduce your monthly mobile bill to $35.

Visible offers the most affordable unlimited prepaid plan. You can use as much data, talk, and text as you like for $40 per month and enjoy free mobile hotspot access. However, opting for Visible’s Party Pay leads to a reduced price per line. Four unlimited data Visible lines cost just $25 per line per month. These offers will help you save money on your phone bill.

The best carriers often do not offer many prepaid plans. But when they do, the benefits are like no other. AT&T offers 61 GB of data for $25 per month when you pay for an entire year in advance. It is an improvement from the carrier’s previous plans as it offers twice as much data. Hotspot internet, HD video streaming, and the ability to carry over unused data for a month are some features of AT&T’s plan. It is probably the best unlimited prepaid plan on the market.

T-Mobile provides a range of exciting prepaid plans under its T-Mobile Connect brand. You currently get 3 GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text for $15 per month. If you want more data, consider the $25 monthly plan that offers 6 GB of internet. But if you can do with less data, the 1 GB plan will reduce your monthly cost to $10.

Tello has many prepaid plans, but its Economy package is probably the most cost-effective. It is a 1 GB plan with unlimited talk and text that costs just $10 per month. While this plan will appeal to those who do not need a lot of data, most people select the 5 GB Smart plan at $19 per month. Just $10 more gets you unlimited data.

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