Top 4 memory foam mattresses

Top 4 memory foam mattresses

NASA engineers designed memory foam mattresses. One of the key traits of these mattresses is their slow response. Their material turns soft and adaptive when it comes in contact with body heat. This lets the mattress effortlessly mold around the body contours. When the mattress cools down, it takes back its original shape. In the present day and time, memory foam mattresses are hugely popular. But, which are the best ones? Read on to know more.

The Tempur-Pedic has been offering memory foam mattresses for a while now. So, naturally, it had years to perfect its technology and has done that very well. This is evident in the reviews, pricing, and mattress construction. This memory foam mattress is constructed with a cool-to-the-touch, premium knit cover. Further, it has two advanced layers of memory foam. The initial layer works with other materials and provides support and relaxation to the sleepers. The second one works on pressure points to offer maximum comfort. Priced at a little over 2000 USD, this one is worth the price.

Tuft & Needle – Mint
This memory foam mattress is composed of three foam layers that assure mid-level firmness. The first two layers on top are composed of the Tuft & Needle proprietary adaptive foam that cools the body while sleeping. Its foam has graphite infusion and cooling gel beads that extract the heat from the body, providing better breathability. In addition, its antimicrobial cover will ensure that there are no odors, and the mattress stays and smells fresh.

Loom & Leaf
This is a premium mattress available at a low price. The mattress is known for its details. But given its pricing, you get the features of premium at a budget price. This is more like a traditional memory foam mattress that allows you to sink in without swallowing you. The Loom & Leaf mattress, instead, cuddles the body contours and is very comfortable. It has a convoluted gel layer that does not retain heat, eliminating unnecessary pressure on the shoulders and hips.

It is a classic memory foam feel mattress, wherein the sleepers feel as if they are slowly sinking in. The mattress has a top-quality, durable memory foam that assures maximum comfort. In terms of design, too, it is unprecedented. Available at an affordable price, this memory foam mattress is an absolute steal for the customers. In addition, you get a 365-night sleep trial on this mattress. Both side and back sleepers will appreciate this mattress.

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