A Buyer’s guide to garage doors

A Buyer’s guide to garage doors

Garage doors offer safety, security, for your car and associated tools. With a wide variety available in the market, the hunt for the ideal door can get confusing.

Here are the different types you need to know about to make your search easy:

Traditional raised-panel garage door:
Traditional raised-panel garage doors feature symmetrical, raised rectangular designs and offer a classic curb appeal. The construction material options available are insulated and natural wood.

Carriage house garage door:
These give your home a rustic look and are commonly referred to as ‘barn-style’ garage doors. They are ideal for mission and craftsman type homes and used as a design choice in home exteriors.

Canopy garage door:
A canopy garage door is a single panel garage door that flips open with vertical tracks on its sides. Canopy garage doors are built with a torsion spring. Being light weight makes it is easy to open it manually and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Retractable garage door:
Retractable garage doors need space and differ from canopy garage doors in some ways. It retracts back into the inside of the garage along horizontal tracks that guide the doors. This reduces noise; they are operated electrically, which makes them convenient to use.

Roller garage door:
This garage door is designed with a box sitting at the top of the door. It works by smoothly rolling up into that box, which is situated above it, making it a compact solution. These do not have parallel tracks running on their sides.

Side-hinged garage door:
A side-hinged garage door opens sideways using steel hinges. It provides more storage space for larger vehicles and gives room in the ceiling. The only downside to this is that its manual operation.

If you are wondering about the price, new garage door comes in varying costs with various features. But to know which one to buy, you must be aware of the available types. Depending on your storage space, vehicle requirements, operational time constraints, and budget, choose what suits your home and family best.

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