Choosing the correct brand of chair cushions and maintaining it

Choosing the correct brand of chair cushions and maintaining it

Chair cushions are not luxury accessories anymore; they are becoming essential due to the comfort they offer to those who spend hours together on a chair! While purchasing chair cushions, the brands and their price ranges may confuse you. With wrong choices and confusions, you may also end up with an overpriced, yet unsatisfactory product.

To minimize your efforts and to clear all your doubts in this respect, the following is the list of the names/varieties of cushions, their respective brands, special features and price ranges. You may easily find these online on Amazon.

Remember even if the price is a tad expensive, it is definitely worth the spend, considering the varieties of features it has for you.

Best Brands, Special Features and Price Ranges of Chair Cushions
Gel foam wheelchair cushions: Manufactured by Nova, these cushions are available at $49.99. They are designed in a way so as to provide ultimate comfort by relieving pressure.
Coccyx gel foam wheelchair cushions: These cushions are yet another product manufactured by Nova. Their price starts from $47.99 and they are designed especially for Coccyx discomfort and pressure relieving.
Premium orthopedic cushion: These type of chair cushions are made by Gideon and are available at $19.95. If you are suffering from pain in the legs, sciatica, tailbone or pelvic region, premium orthopedic cushions are the right choice.
High-quality and featured chair cushion: Cushina has come up with superior quality chair cushions, which are offered at a price of $28.99. These cushions are ideal for curing Coccyx discomfort and orthopedic purposes.
Multi-functional Seat Cushion: Manufactured by Xtreme Comforts, these cushions are designed for pregnant women, women post-delivery, and people suffering from sciatica, and back pain. You can get them at $29.97 in the market.
Memory Foam Seat Cushion:
One of the types of this cushion is manufactured by Cush Comfort, especially for people to correct spinal alignment, the cushions are available at $26.47.
Aeris also makes memory foam seat cushions at a slightly higher price range at $39.40. These are designed especially for providing maximum comfort.
Coccyx Seat Cushion: Manufactured by Aylio, these cushions are made for people suffering from Sciatica pain, pain in the tailbone and back support. You can get them at $39.99.
Tips to select and maintain your chair cushions with care
The size of the cushion should complement the size of your chair perfectly.
The height of the cushion adds height to your overall chair seat-floor-height. Hence, if you are planning to buy the cushions for desk work purposes, try keeping an imaginable idea about the sitting altitude before purchasing.
If your cushion is prone to dirt such as fluids, powder or dust, buy an incontinence cover along with it. Some of the cushions come with incontinence cover included.
Inspect your cushions weekly, if there is a sign of degrading foam or anything damaging and act as soon as possible.
If you are using an air cushion, make sure you inflate it properly every day. Don’t hesitate to change the cushions altogether, when their lifespan is about to end as they are usually not very long-lasting. They give the best performance for an average of 3 to 4 years.

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