Christmas albums that the 90’s kids loved

Christmas albums that the 90’s kids loved

No Christmas is complete without Christmas carols. Be it from your Christmas carol book or the humming tune that comes floating from the neighbor’s; you can always hum along. Especially if you are a 90’s kid, you have grown up with some of the best contemporary Christmas albums ever recorded. The holiday music CDs were played at parties, restaurants, and clubs for years.

Here are some of the best Christmas albums for kids who grew up in the 90’s to take a dip in nostalgia and remember the good old Christmas holidays of childhood.

What a Wonderful Christmas (1997) Louis Armstrong
One of the best Christmas albums for kids, the album has only six recordings by Armstrong with other artists taking up the rest of the spots. This is one of the most ambiguous albums. The songs by Armstrong featured both sides of his personality as the comedic “Zat you, Santa Claus” will make you laugh, while you will find yourself in puddles of tears when you hear his rendition of “White Christmas.”

James Brown’s Funky Christmas (1995) James Brown
An album with the compilation of all of Brown’s best Christmas songs, it will not only get you in the Christmas mood but also spread a message of joy and unity. The album has a bit for everyone, whether they want to laugh, dance, cry or spread a happy message.

Home for Christmas (1998) NSYNC
According to fans of the Boyband, this is the best Christmas album of all time, and all the 90’s kids grew up listening to this. The songs were incredibly catchy and mixed in the right amount of pop with nostalgia to make the album work.

Christmas on Death Row (1996)
Something completely different from anything else on this list, Christmas on Death Row was heavy on Spiritual Uplift, something that the band had not gone in for before. Death Row’s ‘gang’ had an extreme emotional undercurrent that Snoop Dogg brought in that no one had associated with him.

Merry Christmas (1994) Mariah Carrey
One of the best Christmas albums for kids, no list of 90’s Christmas Albums is quite complete without the iconic “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carrey. Mariah and her songs in that album were the Christmas theme of the 90’s and had little competition. One of the most iconic and best albums of all time in relation to Christmas it left an indelible mark in the music world.

All these albums were not only on everyone’s playlist but were also popular as Christmas carol karaoke CDs. In the parties, the guests played karaoke games singing to the tunes of these songs, because everyone knew every line and beat of these heart-touching compositions.

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