Did you know that your property has a history

Did you know that your property has a history

To know more about the property you have just brought, or are planning to buy, land records are the best source of information to identify the history. Through land records, you can find out more form deed books, deeds of trust, leases and more. The information is recorded by a government office known as the recorder of deeds. This office is tasked with duties like registrar general, register of deed and register if titles.

There are a number of reason why you should try to find out more about the history of the property you are currently occupying. The house may have belonged previously to a famous personality or person of prominence. The house may have a significant history of events which might have triggered important changes to someone or something. The history of anything for that matter defines the roots from which everything has evolved.
Here are a few easy ways to research more about the history of your house.

The deed: The property deed is the first and foremost place to find out more about the legal description of a said property. The legal description includes information like range of the property, section which it is part of, the section number, lot number, official address of the subdivision lot number and more. you can also find out about the previous dealing of the same property in case it is old to find out who might have lived here previously or for what purposes the property was used for. The deed transaction will have information about the parties to the previous transactions and more.

Check with the property inspector: You will have to hire a property inspector in case of a very old property to assess and confirm whether it is safe to occupy. The inspector just might know a thing or two about the previous occupants and maybe history of the property’s occupants. he is of course there to examine the nook sand crannies of the house, but he just might know more about how some of those nooks and crannies were a part of something interesting. The inspector will know about the foundation stone and where it is placed which can be something of an interesting find.

Check with your neighbors: Probably the easiest way to find out more about any property is to ask around. Your neighbors have lived in the same locality for a long time and might know a thing or two about its previous tenants or owners.
You can also visit he library to check old records, newspapers or local publications which might shed some light back when the town was built or the neighborhood was developed.

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