Different Types Of Car And Vehicle Electronics To Enhance Your Driving Experience

Different Types Of Car And Vehicle Electronics To Enhance Your Driving Experience

A car does more than just getting you around towns and cities. Car and vehicle electronics include everything from GPS systems and stereos to remote car starters. Let us take a look at some of the popular types of car and vehicle electronics.

Car stereo receivers
Car stereo receivers improve your in-drive experience by letting you stream your smartphone radio apps on your device’s music library. Some of the best car stereo systems have high definition touch-screen displays. Stereo receivers with wireless connectivity to receive (hands-free) calls are some of the best car and vehicle electronics.

Car speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers
Car and vehicle electronics such as aftermarket speakers. There are two types of speakers—coaxial and component. Coaxial speakers are sold in pair and contain components such as tweeters and woofers. Coaxial speakers get separate audio frequencies that come from the receiver in multiple ways. The more the audio frequency is split, the better the sound clarity. The component is a separate unit for tweeters and woofers that you can place anywhere in your car wherever you prefer the best sound.

Power handling
The power handling is measured in watts and have a power handling capacity which indicates the maximum power signal. Providing more power to the speakers can damage the power handling capacity of the components. Thus, it is important to have a reading that tells if the audio systems are being overfed.

GPS navigation
This car and vehicle electronics system is an essential part of your driving experience and helps you save time of commute by navigating your car through unfamiliar areas. GPS navigation comes with preloaded maps, voice control, traffic avoidance, trip computer, and smartphone connectivity.

Satellite radio
Satellite radio helps you connect and listen to commercial-free stations that covers every genre of music. Satellite radio is available all across the country 24×7. Satellite radio requires monthly subscription with initial radio receiver purchase.

Vehicle diagnostic and tracking devices
Devices like these plug into the diagnostic port of your vehicle, underneath the steering wheel of your car. Using these features, the vehicle location updates with dangerous driving alerts. Some of these devices come with smartphone accessibility through an app or Internet portal. This allows constant updates and alerts about the vehicle’s whereabouts. You can set check-in points and get alerts for unsafe driving habits such as hard braking or accelerating too quickly. These devices also help in keeping the track of engine performance including battery health. Using these devices, you can get alerts about potential breakdowns and (costly) repairs before they get worse.

Dash and back-up cameras
Dash cameras are actually camcorders that record high-quality videos that can help you prove whose fault it was during a collision or other accident. Back-up cameras give you a clear view of the back of the car helping you reverse your way in or out of the driveway.

Radar detectors
Radar detectors help you keep informed about other vehicles on the road. Some of the pre-fed radars provide the location of red light crossings and speed cameras located to monitor driving. The features of radar includes a display, detection, and sensitivity. If you are searching for car and vehicle electronics such as radar, look for detectors that have at least 10 decibels of sensitivity and can switch frequencies between highway and cities.

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