Easy kids recipes for different age groups

Easy kids recipes for different age groups

Acquainting kids with the goodness of healthy food and cooking can happen anywhere, from the grocery store to your garden to your very own kitchen. What’s best, there is no right time for your kids to learn about cooking as every age group can adopt certain kitchen tasks based on their age and skill level. Check out some easy kids recipes children of varying age groups can make with your supervision and assistance.

Kids around this age can read and understand basic recipes. You could employ them to read out recipes for you or get them to help you measure different ingredients. You can also get your kids to beat and blend batters for eggs, pan cakes or brownies. Kids of this age usually enjoy kneading dough for cakes, pastry, tarts and the like. You could also get them to make their favorite meat ball recipes with appropriate supervision. With a small knife or a peeler, you could also begin teaching your kids to cut veggies carefully. Make sure you employ all necessary precautions before letting them handle sharp objects.

Kids who are 8 or above can substantially reduce your cooking burden. You could begin teaching them knife skills and introduce them to various dangers being reckless in the kitchen can pose. Children under this age group can single-handedly toss salads, whisk batters, follow simple recipes and even bake. This is also an appropriate time to introduce them to easy kids recipes like burgers, jellies, wraps, rolls, cheese pastas and the like. This is also the right age to involve kids in baking. They can be assisted to make muffins, cakes, sweet and savory pies, tarts etc.

12 years and above
Cooking can help teens to not only learn life-long culinary delights but also spend quality time with their folks. You may also plan a night out for your teens and supervise them with their friends in the kitchen. This is a great age for kids to be involved in the kitchen since 12-year-old can not only deal with complex recipes, ingredients and consistencies, they can very well improvise and utilize their creativity to round out a whole new meal. While kids this age are quite independent it is essential you continue to supervise their movements to avoid accidents. Some recipes that you could encourage your teenagers to make can be Spanish omelets, cottage pies, chicken gravy, homemade breads, puddings and the like.

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