Essential oils used for treating symptoms of fibromyalgia arthritis

Essential oils used for treating symptoms of fibromyalgia arthritis

Fibromyalgia arthritis or inflammatory arthritis is a condition that is associated with pains, dizziness, sleep disturbances, heat and cold intolerances and other symptoms. Essential oils are known to be natural remedies for treating these symptoms. While you cannot expect to be cured, these oils can help to alleviate the intensity of the symptoms to a considerable extent making them bearable. Psoriatic arthritis treatment recommends using essential oils on skin lesions or irritations which can provide relief for the itchy and angry skin. Some of the oils that come highly recommended have been listed below.

Lavender: Lavender oils work very well as a therapeutic oil. It is extensively used in body massages because it provides relief and relaxes the muscles. Patients with fibromyalgia arthritis complain of pain and restlessness, and this oil can provide the relief that they so desperately need.

Peppermint oil: Fibromyalgia arthritis can frequently cause “fibro fog” which causes severe loss of concentration and energy, followed by what is known as a fatigued brain. Peppermint oil with its fresh fragrance can help to clear this condition. It is one of the most recommended oils for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis as it helps the patient to relax almost instantaneously.

Black Pepper: This is a strong oil that is extremely effective in reducing muscular pain. This oil is not only used by those suffering from fibromyalgia arthritis but even by those who are prone to body pain caused due to excessive exercise. However, considering that the oil is quite strong, use it sparingly while combining it with a less intense oil.

Ginger: While people commonly recommend turmeric for arthritis, ginger oil can significantly reduce the feeling of nausea and dizziness that is typically found in many patients. This oil is also very effective in tackling the symptoms of muscle inflammation and spasms.

Dealing with this fibromyalgia arthritis requires that you experiment a little and understand which of the therapies best suits you. These oils can go a long way in not only helping you to cope with this condition but also allow you to carry on your day-to-day activities.

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