Get a good deal on apartments, things to look for

Get a good deal on apartments, things to look for

Renting an apartment can be a challenging task, especially in the city. There are a number of things you should look out for if you are renting an apartment for the first time. This doesn’t necessarily include the general ambience, but the bare essentials.

Here are a few things to look out for

The basics: This might sound a bit weird but the first couple of things in your checklist includes if your new apartment has sufficient water pressure. Check how long it takes for cold water to heat up and ensure all the washroom outlets are in proper working order and whether all the fittings are in order.
Sometimes you may rent a posh place, but find out suddenly that there is no cell reception. The second thing is to ensure you have cell reception in every room and corner of the apartment you are about to rent. Chances are the apartment was marked down from the original listing price because it might be an old building. Or these are the factors which would have caused a decrease in the value.

Power outlets: Another thing to ensure are the number of power outlets in the apartment. You might be living all alone, or might be sharing the apartment with a couple of people, in any case it wouldn’t hurt if you a couple of three pin and two pin outlets. Just because the apartment is cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to compromise on the necessities.

Take a drive through the neighborhood, ascertain whether the commute time to your workplace or university takes longer than you want. Cheap apartments tend to be in areas and neighborhood generally far away from the city.

You can easily get apartments for under $400, but chances are you might face horrible rush hour traffic in the morning and evening for that matter. Check with your neighbors and ask around in the neighborhood about rush hour and figure out the best possible routes to avoid the same.

It is advisable to hire a building inspector to come and look around the apartment you are planning to rent. There might be a number of things you would have missed, which an expert will be able to spot professionally. The expert’s observations and recommendations will go a long way if you are planning to rent out for a long time.

You can find out more about cheap apartments and apartments which can be rented for under $400 dollars on major rental websites or through agents and property consultants.

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