Getting the best out of a used car deal

Getting the best out of a used car deal

Getting a good deal for a used car is easy because the market has a large variety to offer, however, getting one for the best deal is tricky because what you may see as a win-win situation could well be what the seller had in mind at the first place. In order to beat the odds to still get more out of a deal will need the buyer to do some hard groundwork and let the cards play at a different table rather than pitching at just one place or one car.

Here are 3 ways to tip the scales in the buyer’s favor rather than the seller’s:

  • Choice: Do not be stringent with just one car model choice to buy, but look at alternatives with the same class category from different dealers and sources. Once you have weighed the pros and cons across different used cars and have done sufficient research about market value, pick out the best three or five out of the sourced lot and make a pitch but don’t haggle too much as the market has one for you even if a deal was lot. Haggling will show a sign of desperation and the seller will sway you in their favor if they know you are easy to influence.
  • Budget: Put down a total budget and pick the amount that you want to expend for the car and don’t waver from it. Standing ground with your budget is important because you are not just saving some dollars but also need those dollars for future maintenance let alone immediate repairs that the car may warrant. Compromising on the cost will be a dent for the buyer and a win for the seller.
  • Hidden cost and insurance: This is a factor that most buyers seem to forget. Getting into the vehicles history and asking too many right questions will show the seller that you’re the right deal. Make assertions about the insurance costs and the amount you would expend for the deal. Saying too much or saying too little will mean you are bluffing or showing all your cards. Keep the pitch tactic intact.

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