Gift yourself a fully-equipped kitchen with All Clad

Gift yourself a fully-equipped kitchen with All Clad

There are many kinds of cookware brands that supply all the essentials for a modern kitchen. Yet, the trick is to choose the best pieces from all these various brands so that you have a well-equipped but not cluttered kitchen. So, what if you get all the best options under the same roof of a single brand? Yes, at All Clad you can enjoy a holistic shopping experience and complete the look and functionality of your kitchen in no time. You can pick from stellar brands and a variety of cookware, which are dedicated to the cause of convenient cooking and sumptuous meals! Take a look at how All Clad can help you get a complete kitchen.

Pressure cookers
With smart motors and dials, the new-age pressure cooker from the house of All Clad is one that has all the power-packed features for a memorable meal. You can take your pick from various kinds of materials so that you have the best in terms of pressure cooking. You can use these pressure cookers to quickly make rice, and other such grains including lentils and legumes. Also, you can boil vegetables and make stock as well as soups with the help of these pressure cookers.

Grilling utensils
You can take your pick from a number of shapes and sizes when it comes to grills. These utensils will spare you a tedious trip to the backyard, and you won’t have to light up the barbecue for a grilled meal. All you have to do is place the grill on the stove top so that you can easily grill and braise vegetables and meat as well as ingredients like tofu for a wholesome and easy meal. You can choose these from the All Clad range depending on your family size as well as the size of your stove and range.

Baking ware
Your bake ware is something that you will need to constantly change if you are an avid baker. The baking dishes and moulds at All Clad will surely excite the baker in you. You can choose from moulds in oval, round, square and rectangle shapes as well as many others so that you have the perfect treats ready for a variety of events and even on an everyday basis.

Stock pot
The All Clad collection also has stock pots which can be used for a variety of purposes. You can make meat or vegetable stock in these stainless steel beauties. Furthermore, this stock can be frozen for many days and used for broth and sauces while you are cooking many kinds of dishes. The stainless steel stock pots have many layers so that you do not have any trouble handling this otherwise non-reactive material.

Saucepans and other pans
Apart from the standard pots and pans, you can also take your pick from saucepans and others kinds of pans which will help you make many kinds of sauces and curries.

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