Go nautical for your home interiors

Go nautical for your home interiors

Nautical decor also referred to as coastal or cottage decor is warm and relaxing which reflects a positive spirit. This interior design style is based on white or sand colored foundation, with blue as the prominent primary shade. This decor can never leave style. It is conceivable to give a casual and relaxed environment to any room by making a placement that is associated with the sight, sound, and smell of the ocean, along with some beach-inspired textiles, embellishments related to sea like an anchor, starfish, stripes, and nautical stars placed with some simple natural furniture.

Nautical stylistic layout uses incomplete wood in its tables or seats, combined with chic cloth upholstery for your lounge sofas and couches. With simple nautical interior design, you can bring the joy and freshness of the ocean in your home. Use some coastal furniture like rugs and mats striped white and blue, wall stickers representing ocean life, a ship model etc.

Some of the Key features for a nautical interior includes:

Maps and Graphs
Vintage graphs and cruising maps can be utilized as conventional work of art in a room with a nautical theme. These can be found easily in thrift stores and can be wood framed to give your room a classic nautical look and feel.

The Nautical Star
The ‘nautical’ star is a symbolic star associated with the sea services of the United States armed forces. It is a blinding decorating artifact while creating a nautical appearance.

Color coordinated blue and white stripes
A striped blue and white pattern will give a touch of a nautical home plan to any room setting. Choose striped options for your window blinds, rugs, carpets or in your furniture details. Avoid using any other colors; however, a red mat or vase will look alluring when put alongside nautical white and blue stripes.

Ships and anchors
You can include parts of a boat to give your room by the beach look and feel. Ships models serve as a perfect decorating object while placed on an open shelf or over a table top. You can also hang these ships along the wall and give your wall a whitewash with blue waves. Place an anchor in your room with a thick rope tied to it or else make use of anchor wallpapers.

By rolling out these basic improvements to your home interior, you can add in the euphoria and freshness of ocean. It’s not required to spend a fortune to buy art and decoration items, even by changing shading lines to the shades of ocean and painting your walls with fun sea creatures you can get the perfect look.

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