Here are a few things to know about electric blankets

Here are a few things to know about electric blankets

An electric blanket consists of integrated wires that heat the blanket. There are several types of electric blankets: electric under blankets, electric over blankets, electric throws and electric duvets, based on the way they are used. Electric blankets are placed on the mattress, below the bed cover so that it heats the bed when switched on.

Another variety is the electric over blanket which is placed on the top of the bed cover. The electric blankets work with a control unit which can be used to adjust the heat. The heat level can be increased or decreased using the control unit. The electric blankets are handy for cold winters when the temperature is extremely low.

Electric blankets come in various colors and sizes that must be suitable for the bed size. These blankets also come for single or two people in which the heat control can be done separately on two sides if it is a blanket for two people. It is always better to preheat the electric blanket so that the bed is in a warm condition.

Electric blankets provide comfort at an affordable price. The electricity charges are minimal when compared to conventional room heating systems, which are used to heat a room. Electric blankets have worked at levels of electricity as low as 12 to 24 volts. These blankets are designed based on the heating pads. The electric blankets are designed by placing an insulated wire or heating element is inserted into the fabric. The fabric gets heated when switched on. The control unit is the one which maintains the amount of electricity entering into the system and also the amount of heat generated based on the electricity.

Some electric blankets use carbon fiber wires to produce heat in the blanket. As these wires are much thinner and consume less space, the electric blankets designed using these carbon fiber wires do not look heavy. Some electric blankets are designed to work on rheostats, which regulate the heat based on the body heat of the person using the blanket.

Some varieties of electric blankets are designed in such a way that they have a shutoff mechanism to prevent the bed from overheating or to avoid the danger of fire accidents. Electric blankets have been continuously evolving, and newer designs are created based on the changes needed by the customer. Some electric blankets that work on low voltage levels as 12 volts shut down automatically every 45 minutes so that the blanket is not overheated.

As electric blankets are much economical and affordable, they can be used in the night time to save power and money. The bed needs to be warm during the night, and the entire room need not get heated which makes the use of conventional heaters less feasible. People suffering from certain diseases such as arthritis and pains in muscles can benefit from the use of electric blankets.

It is better to use electric blankets with newer technology as these blankets do not have the risk of catching fire due to overheating. The damaged or old electric blankets should be discarded as they pose a danger of overheating or catching fire or burring the skin of the person using it. It is better to avoid the usage of electric blankets by children and people suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. Some researchers say that the over usage of electric blankets may create fertility problems in both men and women.

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