Home Remedies to Cure Constipation in Babies

Home Remedies to Cure Constipation in Babies

As a parent, you might look for signs such as laughs, hiccups, or crying to identify your baby’s well-being. However, many problems in an infant’s health are difficult to gauge from such signs. Constipation is one such problem. Constipation among babies is a widely prevalent problem in the country. This article explores different remedies to cure constipation among babies.

Adjusting the diet
If a baby is only breastfed and also suffers from constipation, then the mother can switch her diet. A definitive link exists between constipation among babies and a mother’s food plans. So, the mother should switch to a healthy diet as it can ease constipation among babies. A mother’s healthy food habits will reflect in a baby’s wellbeing.

Foods that have a high fiber content
If you have started to feed your baby solid food recently, then this could be the cause of your baby’s constipation. Solid foods can lead to constipation among babies. To ease defecation in babies who have solid foods, parents need to give them foods that are high in fiber content. Listed below are some food items that are high in fiber content. You can give your baby any of these foods.

  • Broccoli
  • Pears
  • Prunes
  • Peaches
  • Skinless apples

Look after your baby’s hydration levels
If your baby is having constipation issues, then it could be because of lack of hydration. Water and milk are the two of the best ways to keep your babies hydrated and away from constipation. However, if your child is older than six months, then you can give them fruit juices. You can avert the problem of constipation among babies by using prune or pear juice.

Encourage exercise
Some simple exercises can prevent the problem of constipation in babies. Studies have found a link between constipation in babies and a baby’s movements. So, if your baby has not reached the stage of walking or crawling, you can try some leg bicycles exercises. Hopefully, these may help cure any constipation issues.

It is quite understandable that parents are concerned about their child’s health. Taking the right measures at the right time can keep your baby healthy and happy. A mix of the right diet for both the mother and baby as well as exercises for the infant can help prevent any constipation issues.

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