How to maintain your slate pool table?

How to maintain your slate pool table?

If you are a slate pool table owner, congratulations on making your dream a reality! Buying a table is surely a very cumbersome task. From picking the best out of the varied stock of pool, billiard and snooker table; to ensuring your slate table is more authentic than the imitations, is quite a journey and an achievement in its self.

Now that you own one, you must be convinced that yours is the greatest most perfect slate table in the whole world. Buying a good quality slate table does deserve a pat on the back but your job does not end here. Slate pool tables are brilliant and retaining their brilliance each day would need some toil.
What you should firstly come to terms with at the very start is that slate pool tables deteriorate over time. Whether you go for a stroke everyday or leave your table looking like a showpiece; pool tables come with an expiry date unless made of pure slate. There may not be anything that can really reverse its aging, but you can surely help it age gracefully. That’s right, before you go bonkers about playing pool with your pals make sure you know all that it takes to retain and maintain its glory.

When it comes to slate pool tables in particular, you must be sure that it is leveled. A slate that is not leveled even by an iota can adversely affect game play. Never attempt to move a fully assembled pool table even by a feet. This will offset the level and you may crack the wax that holds up three pieces of slate. Sitting on the pool table is a also bad idea as it puts the wax at the risk of cracking up. Your table is sensitive and any sort of rough handling can cause serious damages. Avoid getting pets or small kids anywhere around the table. As absurd as it may sound, lights too affect your tables. Constant exposure to sunlight may cause your table cloth to fade and even cause bleaching. Remember to use a pool cover when the table is not in use.

For cleaning the cloth, it is strongly recommended to use a light vacuum cleaner instead of a brush. If you happen to use a brush, always use a brush specifically made for pool tables. While brushing, ensure it is not done against the grain but towards the pockets or from one end to the other. In addition to the cloth, it is extremely crucial to ensure that the balls are clean. The cleanliness of the pool balls can preserve the life of the pool cloth and consequently the table’s magnificence.
The real deal here is to be a responsible owner and treat your table with the love and care it deserves. The next time you play a mind blowing game with your friends, do remember to employ these steps after the game and see how your table continues to reward you!

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