How to wear your Ugg boots

How to wear your Ugg boots

Ugg boots made out of sheepskin have been around for a long time now. They are very comfortable and provide extreme warmth in cold regions. They are more comfortable than suede boots and look just as good. Being winter-wear, buy your pair in the summer for discount ugg boots. Winter fashion is incomplete without a pair of uggs.

There are certain do’s and don’t’s when it comes to wearing ugg boots.

When to wear: Uggs are a part of winter wear. They are meant to keep your feet warm. If worn in the summer you will risk sweating into your uggs. It is not advisable to wear them in the rainy season either. Buy an affordable pair at an ugg boots clearance sale.

How to wear: Uggs are always worn with a pair of socks. But they may seem comfortable when worn barefoot. When worn over a long period of time, you will sweat into them causing bacteria formation. This will cause an unpleasant odor and reduce the lifespan of the boots. When you buy a pair of ugg boots on clearance, make sure to check if all the stitches are well maintained.

What to wear with: As tempting as it may seem when you pick ugg boots from a discount sale, make sure you find the perfect ones for you.

Colors: Uggs, are available in several colors. The classic beige/brown colored uggs are a safe bet to wear with jeans. You can go with more neutral colors like black/white/gray to flatter most of your wardrobe. Or you could be wild and pick out crazy colors with wacky designs to pair with your outfit.

Pants: Being winter boots, uggs work best with full pants. Experiment with different colored boots and pants tucked in to make the uggs stand out. There are many kinds of pants that can spice up your look. Apart from jeans, leather pants work well with uggs. Do not be hesitant to try them out with warm leggings or even printed ones for that matter.

Improvise: Along with the tights or leggings, you can put on a short skirt paired with a simple blouse to complete the attire. They work well with maxi dresses as well. Winter wear like sweaters, shrugs, scarves and caps could do no wrong when paired with the right ugg boots.

Where to wear: Uggs are casual footwear so wearing them with formals will make them stand out. You can opt for several other types of clothes that work splendidly with uggs.

Your classic uggs are simple and easy to pull off. They go perfectly well with any common colored denim pants, leggings or skirts. While experimenting with ugg boots of different colors, you need to be more cautious. Make sure to pick the right color when you hit the cheap uggs sale. Uggs are generally used in regions with cold climate. But with movie stars popularizing them, they are now sought after all over the world. It is still wise to wear uggs in an appropriate climate, place and with the ideal attire.

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