Safety tips to use inflatable water slides

Safety tips to use inflatable water slides

Inflatable water slides are just too much fun and can make hot summers memorable for children and adults alike. It is a great way to initiate physical activity in children and to ensure that they get their essential dose of Vitamin D under the sun.

However, it is very important to follow certain safety measures while using inflatable water slides to guarantee that no one falls prey to accidents.

Some of the safety rules that you should always adhere to are:

  • Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the manual while setting up the inflatable water slides.
  • Make sure that the ground on which you want to set it up is even and does not have any stones or wires jutting out.
  • Ensure that the water slide is properly anchored to the ground before allowing anyone to use it.
  • Do not allow children to use inflatable water slides without adult supervision.
  • Ensure that anyone who wants to use the inflatable water slide removes their shoes, jewelry, hearing aids, etc. before entering the slides
  • Do not allow pets to enter the inflatable water slides as their nails and teeth can deflate the water slides. Repairing the punctures on these inflatable water slides can be costly.
  • Monitor your children so that they do not flip or wrestle or rough play while using the water slide as it might lead to serious injuries.
  • Avoid sliding head first on the inflatable water slide as it may lead to serious injury.
  • Do not use the inflatable water slide if the weather is too windy or there can be incessant rain and hail.

As an adult, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your children and to take care that you teach them to use and enjoy the water slide responsibly.

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