iPhone XR 64GB – Apple’s latest budget offering

iPhone XR 64GB – Apple’s latest budget offering

When someone talks about an iPhone, innovation is the first thing that comes to mind. Apple, a pioneer of computing technology, never ceases to amaze smartphone users. The brand strives to achieve excellence in design while focusing on factors like the product’s aesthetic as well as computing capabilities.

Announced recently, the iPhone XR 64GB is the latest example of what the brand can achieve. With three new products, Apple has yet again managed to deliver trendsetting devices that live up to their hype. Other devices of the X series launched this year are the iPhone XS and XS Max, both of which are pricier alternatives compared to the XR.

Notable technical specifications of the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is the first phone in the X series to feature an advanced LCD (liquefied crystal display) Liquid Retina panel on a stunning 6.1-inch all-screen display. Apple has engineered the all-new retina display in such a way that it allows the phone to stretch the image across the screen. The LCD screen offers stunning visual support as it has a decent 1792×828 resolution with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch.

Face ID
One of the most attractive features of the iPhone XR 64GB is the Apple Face ID unlock, login, and pay feature. Now, you can use your face as a password to unlock apps, login into your Apple account without a password or fingerprint impression, and authorize payments via Apple Pay.

A12 Bionic chip
The A12 is more than just a silicon chip, it is the next level of intelligence featured in a smartphone. The latest development in hardware technology, Apple’s A12 Bionic chip has a Neural Engine that manages to double its performance at half the power consumption. It is faster, more efficient, and on the whole, the best processor for smartphones.

Multiple front and back sensors, processors, and algorithms allow you to unleash your creativity with advanced camera settings. iPhones have been adept at shooting in low-light conditions, and a more robust low-light condition feature in the XR allows you to do just the same. The iPhone XR also shoots the highest quality video in comparison to other high-end smartphones available in the market.

The new iPhone XR 64GB is available across four major network carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. There are six popular color options available for the 64GB variant including White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral, and (PRODUCT) RED. The iPhone XR can be purchased at a price of around $749.

The iPhone XR also features two other storage options, the 128GB XR and the 256GB XR. You get all six color options in all the storage variants. You can buy iPhone XR 128GB storage variant by paying 50 dollars above the base price. The iPhone XR 256GB is available for a total price of around $899. With the launch of the XR series, Apple has introduced a new range of affordable iPhones breaking the stereotype of catering products only to the uber rich. The iPhone XR is set to release on September 21st this year.

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