Know about the best premium fiber and satellite based internet plans

Know about the best premium fiber and satellite based internet plans

Internet service providers are a dime a dozen today, there is virtually one in every neighborhood. It is a feasible option to consider subscribing with your local providers for better speed, connection stability, and, more importantly, pricing. However, there are a handful of best internet services that provide nationwide coverage and facilities. Top providers in the country offer premium bundled plans for multiple users, a high bandwidth, better customer support, and flexible pricing options. With these options, you enjoy exclusive, and premium fiber or satellite internet.

Best Fiber service
Verizon is one of the best internet services when it comes to ultra-speed fiber broadband. Get unlimited browsing at unbelievable speeds across a variety of plans with the premium service. If you are into heavy uploads and downloads for work or gaming, this is the best option for symmetrical speeds that may not be available with other local providers. Verizon offers 3 plans starting at 200 Mbps for $39.99/mo, 400 Mbps for $59.99/mo and 940 Mbps for $79.99/mo. The connection speed is best suited for people who have their business online, post YouTube videos, do live streams, and work from home with video calling.

Best bundled plans
Switch to AT&T services for some of the best bundled plans. Enjoy the best of fiber internet connection, cable television, phone, and wireless cellular network all in one single plan. There is literally something for everyone in the family, and a bundled plan eliminates the need for paying separate services. AT&T is also the parent company of DIRECTV. So you can avail a combination of all-inclusive entertainment programs and internet services starting at $89.98/month. Note that the speed of your internet connection and number of channels will vary accordingly. For this basic subscription, enjoy 100 Mbps fiber Internet and over 155 popular channels streaming the best of content.

Best satellite services
A great alternative to fiber-based providers, Viasat offers the best internet services over a satellite connection. Note that with satellite services, you might experience lower download speeds and limited data caps depending on the plan you choose. However, where you don’t have access to high-speed fiber and the cable providers are just too slow for your liking, satellite-based Internet is the next best option. Some of the basic plans start at $50/month (regular price – $75/mo) offering 12 Mbps plans with a data cap limit of 25GB, a fair usage policy is applicable, and speed is reduced. Viasat’s most premium plan offers a high-speed connection of 100 Mbps with a data cap limit of 150GB for a price of $150/month (regular price – $200/mo). Alternatively, HughesNet is another popular satellite service provider with plans starting at $59.99/month for 25 Mbps connections.

You must understand that the aforementioned prices are subject to change depending on offers, discounts, and plan availability. Check the official website of these best internet services for the latest prices and updates regarding plans.

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