Points to consider before investing

Points to consider before investing

When you plan for your future, you need to consider quality investments. An investment is when you buy an asset in the hope that it will generate an income or appreciate in value in the future.

Are You Prepared?
You’re never too young to start investing. However, investments have an element of risk; you should prepare to face these. Build up some savings. Clear your debts. Put aside money in employer sponsored and personal retirement plans.

While you’re doing this, you can start investing a percentage of your spare funds.

What Should You Invest In?

There are a variety of investment options. You can invest in a small business, become a partner and hope to get a share in the profits. You can buy stocks in a publicly trading company and hope the shares result in dividends or rise in value. That can earn you a profit.

You can buy fixed income securities such as corporate bonds, US Treasury Bonds, or commercial papers. These aren’t like stocks, where you receive a percentage of the profits and losses of a company. Instead, you’re lending the amount to an entity and you’re paid interest. These investments are generally less risky than equity investments.

You can invest in real estate. If you own a patent, copyright, or intellectual property, that’s also an asset that can generate long term income.
How Do You Invest?

You cannot directly buy stocks or bonds. To start investing, you need to set up a brokerage account. This allows you to access stockbrokers, who will buy or sell securities on the stock exchange on your behalf.

You can use a discount broker service or a full service one. Discount brokers follow your instruction on what to trade. They don’t provide advisory or portfolio management services. You make the decisions and instruct the broker to buy or sell securities. You then pay them a commission for the service.

Full service brokers offer advice on what to buy or sell. They manage your investment portfolio, and provide full money management services. But, full service brokerage costs a lot. These facilities are only available to large investment accounts, generally $500,000 and above.

If you want help to build your investments, you could choose mutual funds. Your money goes into a common pool of funds, with contributions from several investors. A fund manager utilizes this fund to pick bonds, shares, and other instruments to invest in. This creates a common portfolio that everyone benefits from.

Regardless of what you invest in, remember that you only gamble what you can afford to lose. Keep your money in low risk investments unless you’re comfortable with the swiftly changing nature of the stock market. Ensure you receive advice from reputable firms and plan ahead to create a stable financial future.

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