Smart ways to keep your bathroom clean

Smart ways to keep your bathroom clean

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the chores that most people loathe to do. Also, keeping the bath space clean is important as it’s a matter of personal hygiene; something which is every homemaker’s concern. For this, you need time-saving tips that can help you do this chore with ease. The following smart tricks will help you keep your bathroom clean for a longer period of time.

Water repellent coating
Use water repellents to coat all the walls and doors of your bathroom. This way, it is difficult for the stubborn slime and scum to form deposits on the corners.

Get cabinets
Most of us use at least 5 bath products every day. Now, this can create a clutter in the bath counter and look very unappealing too. If you create some space for cabinets, you can keep the products and bath linen organized.

Shower curtains
Install a shower curtain to avoid water from splashing all over the bathroom so that you do not have to wipe it every time you take a shower.

Cleaning wipes
Keep reusable sponge or cleaning wipes that help you use to remove the watermarks and splatters easily. All you need to do is squeeze the water out and let the wipes dry on its own. Replace these regularly, though.

Windows and exhaust fans
Windows or exhaust fans are very important to bring some sunlight in and keep your bathroom air crisp and fresh. Also, the exhaust fan dries up the moisture inside the bathroom and reduces the risk of germs that tend to collect in a damp bathroom.

Smart cleaning tools
Sometimes, it can get very difficult to get rid of the stains on the bathtub. Use a face wash to wash taps for an extra shine or a nail paint remover to get rid of stains easily. Just dab a little remover on a cotton swab and rub it over the marks.

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