Sports pre-performance tactics – Doing it right with Puma shoes

Sports pre-performance tactics – Doing it right with Puma shoes

Sport is a niche where the mind and the body have to be optimized for maximum output on the field and off of it as well so that one remains motivated. There are a number of measures that we take when it comes to performing well on the field. These start from following a proper diet and nutrition regimen to taking care of ourselves and even equipping ourselves with the best gear like Puma shoes and more.

But very few budding athletes are aware of the fact that pre-performance in sports is also a major strategy that one will have to employ in order to get somewhere on the field. Pre-performance is a routine that one follows in order to get the mindset for optimum performance while on the field. This could involve a number of things as follows:

• Know your mind: Before you get onto the field, know what state of mind you are in. Being aware will help you be there, in the here and now so that nothing deters you. If you are stressed and you do not address the problem or at least admit the same and try to make peace with getting the situation, it will continue to play up on your mind and may even enter your brain as a stray thought in the middle of a crucial moment on the field. This can take away your concentration and leave you in turmoil, which can also turn the game around in an unfavorable manner. So get some counseling if need be and know exactly what may distract you later. Chances are, that once you have addressed the issues, they will not bother you in the middle of an important moment when your mind should be typically free.

• Warm up and size up: This has been repeated so many times by so many sports experts. You need to warm up those joints and muscles before you hit the field. This is due to the reason that the joints and the surrounding ligaments and cartilage are stiff and cold before you start any kind of exercise. So you will need to gently ease them into a warmer state where they will move more easily so that you are not susceptible to injury. Before any warm up the joints are stiff which makes them very susceptible to injuries and also, they do not move that well on the field. So ensure that you warm up with plenty of stretching exercises and some squats before you start an intense game. Also, know the track or the field where you will be playing so that you avoid any shocks and surprises which will leave you in a less than ideal state to perform.

• Meditate and more: You will need to meditate or even listen to some music before you play. This will help you relax. You can do this while donning your gear like Puma shoes so that you are in the right frame of mind.

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