Spruce up your home with cheap interior decorating ideas

Spruce up your home with cheap interior decorating ideas

We are spilling the beans on how to spruce up your home decor without draining your wallet. Sit back and read along!

Tri panel art

The tri panel art has been rising in popularity in recent years. While it is expensive to buy one, you can download an extra large image at a local printer and cut the images into three parts to fit into your frames.

Play with illusions
No matter the size of the room, the bigger the area rug, the bigger the room will feel. Tape rugs together and try and go for pastel shades. Mirrors behind sofa ensures that even the smallest room look bigger.

Go dramatic with colors
It is not a rule that wallpaper design have to be the same for all the walls in a room. Have wall papers pasted on the three sides and paint the fourth side in bold colors. You can also do this vice-versa. Adding texture to wall paints can also add timeless beauty to your home.

Decorate with glass and mason jars
It is always wise to have one side of the shelf open. Decorate this space with a mix of old and new glass jars with hand blown wineglass that add a pop of color. Displaying colored empty glass bottles is a great idea of cost effective home decor.

Light up the jugs
If you have a corner table that you hardly use, illuminate it by adding Christmas lights in glass jars. Enjoy enlightened conversation henceforth.

Paint the ceiling and the doors
Why leave the doors and ceiling behind? How about a galaxy theme for your ceiling and using one of the color elements from it for the door? Even buttery yellows and nautical blues add a lot of drama to your home.

DIY artworks
Good old calendars, vintage prints from your grandmas trunk, your treasured comic book covers – can all be part of a great wall art. Ensure to frame them with the right choice of colors and texture, so that it elevates the art work and complements its intricacies.

Lampshades to the rescue
There is so much to do on lampshades! You can either do an applique work on them or add your favorite fabric stickers and create a story. Spray painting using metallic shades also gives an eclectic look while adding polka dots and spray painting with neon colors, brings the retro style to your home.

Photo filled narrow walls
We are usually stuck with narrow walls being empty. Short list your best photographic memories and take square prints of them and just stick them to your walls. There is indeed a sense of joy to recollect those lovely memories.

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