Taking care of your dinnerware sets

Taking care of your dinnerware sets

Now that you have arranged your new home with all those expensive and lovely tableware, you become quite apprehensive about how to take care of them once you begin using these items regularly.

Storage of your dinnerware
Breaking or chipping is of course the greatest fears and the best way to keep them safe is by storing them in tiny stacks in your cupboard.
Placing some protective layer in between your plates and cups is a good move to avert scratches and bangs.

Serving food on your tableware
It is always advisable to ensure that your dinnerware is room temperature before you begin ladling out hot portions onto them. This will help to avert the temperature shocks that can occur and lead to cracking of the plate or bowl when you serve extremely hot food onto your tableware. Avoid using porcelain for reheating food in your microwave. Although porcelain is equipped to handle high temperatures, there is every chance of cracking or forming of deformities when exposed to extreme heat.

Washing dinnerware
Nowadays, most dinnerware is dishwasher safe although dinnerware with metal lining, antique china, and hand painted designs should be washed by hand as there is every chance of the color fading with strong detergent and hot water. Avoid scratching off dried food that has stuck onto your tableware. Soaking your glassware or ceramic ware in a solution of dish wash detergent and leaving it for around thirty minutes makes it extremely easy to clean your tableware effortlessly. And a lot of time is also saved this way.

Stain removal
If you want to get rid of tea or coffee stains from your cups, all you need to do is prepare a mixture of water with two tablespoons chlorine bleach and soak the cups in this solution for a couple of minutes. Gently rinse them thoroughly to get rid of these stains. Black marks on cutlery can be cleaned with the aid of a good quality metal cleaner which is nonabrasive.

Maintenance of plastic dinnerware sets
When plastic comes to mind, most people use melamine dinnerware which is well known for its durability and smoothness. Never microwave plastic as it normally absorbs heat which causes it to crack and form blisters too. You can either load them into your dish washer or wash this to avoid any kind of damage. Avoid usage of scoring powder for washing as it causes scratches. Use any good branded cleaner to get rid of stains.

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