The growth of Northern tool and equipment

The growth of Northern tool and equipment

Remodeling and renovating one’s home has always been a major item in the to-do list of almost anyone who owns a house. A house is built with great painstaking details and a lot of energy and work go behind it. However, what does one do when their hard work becomes outdated and simply boring? This is where the introduction of renovation comes to the picture. It was not always an easy task to comprehend and make remodeling a reality. There were times when the task of reshaping ones living space used to be considered a job which would be heavy on the pocket and more so to find expertise to handle the task was itself a tiring job.

In the era of affordable luxury and enhanced accessibility, owing to the age of the internet, it has become a definite possibility to undertake a renovation job all on one’s shoulders and make the project a DIY affair.

Northern tool, formed in the year 1981, began its humble journey from Minnesota, having started its business with mail-ordering of tools. This is one company that has been a valid example for many trends which are relevant till date even in this century. One of the trends started by Northern Tool is catalog building. They found this method to be a classic way to showcase their products on paper and hence this became a perfect method to spread the word, without worrying too much about too much investment for advertising.

After years of learning the market and finding new opportunities to work upon, Northern Tool and Equipment company became one of the very few companies to introduce the idea of DIY or do-it-yourself tools which were easy to handle and use. Most importantly they focused on displaying their tools under the light which made a purchase look like a small investment which avoids multiple expenditures on small jobs around one’s house.

The company worked on the initial idea of the public which focused on how the maintenance market was shifting its course to DIY. When there would be a repair work required around the house, owing to a loss of options, one might call a handyman from the yellow pages. Most of the times this service would not be satisfactorily done. This vacuum between expectation and end result concluded in the consumers to take matters in their own hands, literally. Today, Northern Tool has engraved its name in the now famous DIY market.

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