Things you need to know about RV rentals

Things you need to know about RV rentals

Many of us dream of having the ultimate road trip with a large group of friends. The picture of driving an RV on an open road while taking in the best views around is something hardly anyone can resist. However, not everyone can go ahead and purchase an RV. The best solution RV rentals.

RV rentals offer you the best traveling experience. Not only do you get to see the best sights possible, but you can also do so with comfort. All of this is possible without spending a huge amount of money and responsibilities. However, RV rentals have certain factors that one needs to consider, unlike car or bus rentals. Here are some things you need to know to rent an RV easily and smoothly:

Know the different types
Similar to cars, there are multiple types of RVs. Every type has its set of features. It is important to know these features and compare them with your requirements and needs. Here are the different types of RVs:

  • Class-C Cabover
    This RV comes with an attached motorhome, which is then attached to the van cab. Typically, features of a Class-C RV include a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The bathroom and kitchen can be converted into sleeping quarters as well. While it is not as large as other RV types, it can accommodate up to five people with ease.

  • Class-A motorhome
    A Class-A motorhome is the biggest RV with a motorhome. Traveling in this type of RV entails a high magnitude of luxury. It has more space as compared to other types of RVs. Since it has a lot of storage options, it is ideal for camping trips. However, with a bigger space comes a bigger rig. If you do not have much experience driving RVs, this could be challenging.

  • Fifth wheel camper
    This is a pull-behind type of RV and needs a fifth-wheel hitch mounted in the truck bed. A fifth wheel camper comes with two full-sized bunks and beds along with a dinette, bathroom, and kitchen.

  • Towable travel trailer
    This type of RV rental can be towed behind a truck as opposed to other types of RVs. These are essentially trailers that come with sleeping areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. They are perfect for four to five people.

Deposits and insurance
When getting RV rentals, you have to provide at least one deposit. For some vehicles, RV rental service providers ask for a deposit at the time of reservation. This amount is usually included in the final price you pay for the rental.

The second deposit type is a security deposit. This is common for almost all car rental services. The service provider usually returns this deposit as long as the required conditions are met. As long as you return the RV in pristine condition, you have nothing to worry about.

However, insurance is not optional with RV rentals. While some companies provide insurance themselves, you might have to incur additional fees. In case the rental service does not provide insurance, you may have to buy one yourself.

Costs and rates vary
Similar to other types of vehicle rentals, prices for RV rentals tend to rise during peak travel seasons. Similar to car rentals, you are required to pay as per a daily rate. If you get a bigger RV rental, your daily rate will be higher. However, you should always be on the lookout for special offers and deals.

Apart from your daily rate, you might have to incur extra charges for each extra mile you travel. Hence, it is important to pre-plan your trip as much as possible.

RVs are tall and heavy
If you drive a small vehicle, you might find yourself having a tough time on the road with an RV. Since these vehicles are large and heavy, one needs to tread carefully when on the road. Moreover, driving it on roads that are uneven could be dangerous as these needs to be driven slowly in order to avoid accidents.

Furthermore, you need a different driver’s license to drive RV rentals. So, do get proper paperwork done before you rent an RV. Finally, head out in your RV on the open roads and towards your much-awaited road trip.

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