Tips to use a leaf blower effectively

Tips to use a leaf blower effectively

Your task isn’t complete with buying a competent Stihl leaf blower. It’s just halfway through! There are several things you need to consider before your start freeing your garden or yard from the nuisance of leaves. Here are some effective tips to enhance your leaf blowing experience:

  • Feel the wind

Use the leaf blower in the opposite direction as that of the flow of the wind. Also, work in one direction only. This will help you avoid accidentally blowing leaves into an area that you’ve already cleared.

  • Safety first

You need to:

  • Keep on your goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris, while using a Stihl leaf blower
  • Use earplugs – This is because long exposure to a high sound frequency generated by a leaf blower can cause hearing damage.
  • Put on shoes and appropriate clothing to get protected against flying debris.

Choose a suitable time

Timing is important when using a leaf blower, a weed eater or any other power equipment. As leaf blowers are infamous for producing noise, you shouldn’t start using them early in the morning or late in the evening, as it can disturb your neighbors, which isn’t a good thing to do.

Decide a dumping site for leaves (and other debris)

Before starting yard cleaning operation, you need to decide where your leaves should land. You can set a tarp at the selected location if you’re planning to tow the leaves to a specific location, after you’re finished with cleaning.

When using a compost pile, you need to divide it into sections to make the collection process more efficient.

Use the right technique

While using a leaf blower or any other Stihl power equipment, you need to use it in the right position. Place a firm grip on the leaf blower and point the front end at a low angle. Moreover, you need to use a back-and-forth motion while walking slowly holding the leaf blower.

You can rely on Stihl gardening tools to clean your yard or garden successfully. Look out for sales and offers to bag effective gardening tools from Stihl, whilst saving some money.

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