Top 10 profitable Vanguard funds

Top 10 profitable Vanguard funds

Vanguard mutual funds are investments with a low-expense ratio allowing investors to earn more money in the long run. It is the world’s largest mutual fund issuer and the second largest issuer of exchange-traded funds. They specialize in passively-managed index funds. Vanguard offers about 209 U.S Funds and 232 ETF funds in markets outside the country. Here are ten of the funds that result in higher returns for their investors:

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTAX)
VTAX is the best and the largest mutual fund in the world. It has very low expenses at 0.04%. Its dividend yield is 1.46% and trailing 10-year returns are at 13.35%. VTAX provides exposure to small, mid, and large-cap stocks in the American stock market.

Vanguard Life Strategy Growth Fund (VASGX)
VASGX is ideal for those with about ten years of service before retirement. The fund’s portfolio allocation is 80% towards stocks and 20% toward bonds. It has an expense ratio of 0.14%, a dividend yield of 2.81%, and a trailing 10-year return of 8.72%.

Vanguard Wellesley Income (VWINX)
VWINX is a balanced Vanguard with a low-risk allocation of 40% in stocks and 60% in bonds. It is an ideal choice for a long-term investment. Its expense ratio is 0.23%, with an average dividend yield of 4.16%.

Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund (VFTAX)
The VFTAX is based on the FTS4Good US Select Index, which tracks and screens the performance of large and mid-cap stocks of the companies. It excludes companies with labor or human rights violations. It does not include adult entertainment and gambling companies. VFX has a dividend yield of 1.22%, expense ratio of 0.14%, and trailing 3-year returns of 11.9%.

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index (VBTLX)
VBLTX’s portfolio consists of 9,000 government and corporate bonds. It is a well-diversified fund and is suitable for long-term investing. Its expense ratio is 0.035%, the average dividend yield is 2.61%, and it has a five-year return of 3.07%.

Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTIAX)
VTIAX includes stocks of publicly traded countries based outside the United States. It includes small, mid, and large-cap companies from emerging and developed markets. VTIAX has an expense ratio of 0.11%, a trailing 5-year return of 9.9%, and an average dividend yield of 1.50%.

Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-U.S. Index Fund (VFWAX)
VFWAX is one of the best-performing international equity index funds, providing investors exposure to equity markets worldwide. It covers large and mid-cap stocks from about 40 emerging and developed countries. Its expense ratio is 3.63%, the dividend yield is 3.63%, and the trailing 10-year return is 5.43%.

Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Admiral Shares (VBIAX)
VBIAX is a hybrid index fund with a portfolio allocation of 60% in stocks and 10% in bonds. VBIAX has lower volatility than stocks and is suitable for investors with less or moderate tolerance to risk. Its expense ratio is 0.07%, its five-year return is 11.36%, and its dividend yield is 3.62%.

Vanguard Wellington Fund Investor Shares (VWELX)
VWELX is one of the oldest balanced mutual funds in the country and is ideal for retirement income. It has a portfolio allocation of 64% in shares and 36% in bonds and has one of the highest 15-year returns at 7.18%. Its expense ratio is 1.75%, and its dividend yield is 1.75%.

Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund Admiral Shares (VGSLX)
VGLX invests in real estate investment trusts and some real estate service companies. Its expense ratio is 01.2% and has a five-year return of 6.12%.

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