Top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S7

Top 5 features of the Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been one of the most popular phones. It belongs to the electronics giant, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series. It soon became the favorite of its many users. Whether you talk about the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, both models are packed with some amazing features. Take a look at the top five features of these phones:

  • Sleek design

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a seamless slim design. It fits into your palm comfortably. It has a large screen and a Quad HD SuperAMOLED display that lets you see more and have a great viewing experience.

  • Sharp camera

The phone boasts of a 12MP rear camera. It is one of the first smartphones to be equipped with the Dual Pixel technology features. With its sharp and upgraded cameras, you may bid a goodbye to blurry and dark pictures. The phone lets you click detailed pictures even in low-light and high-motion conditions.

  • Fast charging

With this unique feature, you need not sit beside the switchboard and wait for your phone to charge. The phone’s fast charging capabilities and wireless charger allow it to charge the battery from zero to full in no time. This feature offers you the power to keep going all day.

  • Water resistance

Do not worry about spilling and splashing water over your phone as the Samsung Galaxy S7 is water resistant. It has an IP68 rating, which means your phone can repel 5 feet water up to 30 minutes. Your phone is protected against water even if you do not have a protective case over it.

  • High storage

With the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can never run out of memory. If the 32GB internal storage is insufficient for you, then opt for an external microSD card with a capacity as high as 256GB. With so much space to store, simply forget hard drives and clouds.

Apart from these, there are a number of other wonderful features in the Samsung Galaxy S7 series, too. All of them are integrated to ensure an outstanding user experience.

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