Top two unlimited data cell phone plans

Top two unlimited data cell phone plans

Unlimited data usage can be exhilarating. You get an adrenaline rush when you realize you can download as much as you want, stream whatever you want, and browse without any limits or data caps. Getting an ideal unlimited cell phone data plan can be useful to you if you are a heavy duty user and binge watch YouTube or Netflix. If you play high-end multiplayer games online with high-res graphics, then your device will be downloading and uploading a lot of data.

Getting a limitless data plan in these cases can help a lot. If you’re the type who uses more than 6 GB of data in a single month, choose your data pack accordingly. Most importantly, some cell phone data plans come pre-paid and you don’t have to worry about postpaid charges. Use as much as you want without any limits or restrictions. Unlimited data plans usually come with unlimited calling minutes. This is a great deal for heavy duty users who use Skype and audio conferencing software online a lot.

Here are two of the top unlimited data cell phone plans.

Boost Unlimited: Boost, a popular cell phone carrier, offers its most famous Boost Unlimited data plan. With this plan, you can get unlimited data, high browsing, download and upload speeds, and limitless text messaging options. You can text as much as you like and there’s no limits to it. The same applies in the case of calling minutes too. Boost Unlimited is one of the cheapest unlimited prepaid cell phone data plan in the market. This makes them a very enticing option for cell phone users and internet junkies. Its prepaid plans are optimized for mobile use and generally start at 8 GB for the mobile hotspot data.

The Boost Unlimited plan starts at a monthly affordable rate of $50. Users get a $5 discount if they decide to pay through automated discounts. The overall monthly costs is brought down to $45 making it one of the cheapest unlimited pre-paid data plans in the market.

Sprint Unlimited Freedom: The Sprint Unlimited Freedom starts at an affordable rate of $65 per month which can go down to $60 with a 5$ automated discount for online payments. Just like the Boost Unlimited plan, you get unlimited data, infinite calling time, no limits on texting to other users, and much more. The only difference is that this is the cheapest unlimited data plan in the realm of postpaid cell phone data plans. If you are going for a pre-paid data plan through Sprint, it will be much more expensive than its rival carrier Boost.

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