Types of Jenn Air ranges

Types of Jenn Air ranges

The kitchen appliances from Jenn-Air rank favorably when compared with other world famous brands. Let us look at the some of the models of Jenn-Air ranges, after going through which, it will be easier for you to make an informed purchase of this product in the future.

Jenn-Air JDR 430WP: This product has 5 burners, two of them are of 15,000 BTU, one has 5,000 BTU and another one has 20,000BTU. Simmer has 500 BTU per burner. This burner has a top configuration and its oven works on double convection with different modes. There is a clock timer that helps you plan your cooking and this machine has a mode indicator as well. The clock interface is 7 LCD screen with virtually any setting. Check on this brand regularly as there are frequent rebates and price-offs offered by the company.

Jenn-Air JGRP536WP: This commercial air-range is probably one of the best Jenn-Air ranges available in the market. This kitchen appliance has a chrome finish griddle that adds to the heating otherwise delivered by two burners having 20, 000 BTU each. These burners give precision and power while cooking. Truly a versatile product, this air-range can work on six different convection modes like boil, roast, and bake. This appliance is 36 in width and has a big LCD display for monitoring and controlling cooking.

Jenn-Air JLRP548WP: Costing upwards of $7,000, this commercial appliance has two burners delivering 14,000BTU. These dual-stacked power burners deliver high heat for cooking, while also offering the facility of a gentle simmer. Like in the earlier machines, this air-range too has six convection modes that help you in baking, roasting and broiling your food. This appliance is 48inch wide.

Jenn-Air JGRP430WP: If you have a small commercial establishment, then you may like to buy this appliance that costs a little more than $3,000. This Pro-Style gas range gives you the freedom to gently cook your food as well as high-heat it. The four burners provided with this machine deliver a unique cooking experience. Its six convection modes help you cook food in various ways -roast, bake, broil etc. It has a width of 30 and can fit in your small kitchen.

Jenn-Air JGR436WP: This is another commercial appliance from the company and has six burners including a stacked burner delivering 20,000BTU. The dimensions of this product are quite manageable – its width is 36. It costs upwards of $5,000 and is suitable for medium-sized commercial establishments. Entertain your customers by using its six convection modes.
Jenn-Air ranges come in various styles, finishes and other kinds of configurations. You may want to check out the different burners having 4 or 6 elements. If you are looking for ranges having a particular finish, visit the website’s product range and click on the appropriate product.

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