Types of leather furniture at The Dump

Types of leather furniture at The Dump

Leather is one material that provides an expensive look to your furniture and gives a magnificent ambiance to the house. However, not all forms of leather are of the same quality and if you don’t have proper knowledge of its types, salespersons can easily fool you into buying the wrong product. We have compiled a list of the types of leather products available at The Dump furniture store so that you don’t get confused the next time you view their collection.

  • Top grain leather – This is the most superior quality leather and furniture made from it is highly expensive. The major reason behind this is that the most sought-after leather does not require much treatment and processing to produce upholstery. The name itself suggests its top class traits. Also, it is suggestive of the fact that the topmost layer of the leather hide is utilized in creating furniture and this layer is more aesthetic as well as sturdy. It is mostly used in designing that part of the furniture that will supposedly make contact with the human body such as the armrest, back cushions, seat and leg rests. The other structural parts such as the side and back may be made using a lower grade of leather hide so as to save costs while not compromising on quality.
  • Split leather – The lower areas of the hide which are weaker, are used to create split leather. The surface is treated so as to enhance the durability and strength. Split leather is used in multiple layers rather than one large chunk. It becomes the best option essentially where good quality, heavy duty furniture is to be fabricated at a relatively low price.
  • Leather Gel – To produce smooth, consistent covering of the furniture item, a modern form of leather known as leather gel is used. This fabric blends with raw material and gives an exquisite Italian touch to the product. The leather gel is another cheaper version of costlier hides.

Another form of material used to create furniture is bonded leather which is made by combining or bonding leftover pieces of leather hide. It is used to create cheaper and replicated versions of the authentic leather furniture items. Some manufacturers can indulge in unfair trade practices by constructing furniture using an inorganic paste called vinyl or pleather and selling it off as actual leather. Therefore, pay attention to the texture of the product before making a purchase.

At The Dump furniture store, leather products of both top end brands and the company’s very own self-manufactured label are available. Since The Dump furniture store has partnered with some of the best hide providers, it receives excellent quality material at throwaway prices. It then introduces a limited edition range of furniture for its customers. The price of a sofa is determined by the price of leather with which it is made. For this reason, low price raw material results in low priced finished product. Hence, you find branded furniture items at a fraction of what the original price as displayed by the company in its premium stores is.

Big brands are so strict with their policies that even if one piece of furniture from a particular collection is accidentally mismatched, the entire collection is sent back to the warehouse. The Dump buys these absolutely perfect items and puts them up for its furniture sale. These small loopholes here and there are taken advantage of by the company to delight its loyal as well as new customers. Small mistakes made by big companies become the source of business for The Dump furniture store which has been tagged as one of the best furniture outlets in America.

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