Types of speakers for your home theater system

Types of speakers for your home theater system

There are various types of speakers available in the market these days ranging from different brands, sizes, specifications, etc. Depending on the size of your room, your sound quality preference and the placement of these speakers, choosing the right set of speakers for your home theater system can be quite tasking. It all boils down to the exact type of speaker that you are looking for. The main types of speakers available in the market are divided into the following.

  • Soundbar speakers
    These types of speakers are long, bar-shaped and are placed right above or below the TV mounted on the wall. Soundbar speakers add that extra amplification of sound quality which a TV cannot provide. A lot of people prefer these speakers because they are easy to install, don’t take up a lot of space, don’t have any additional wires running around the walls and floor and are also cheaper. Some value packs also offer a subwoofer with the soundbar these days, which is a good deal for sound quality!
  • Floorstanding speakers
    These speakers stand on the floor hence their name. The speakers stand on a solid base and are tall, consisting of various smaller speakers. They are the perfect choice for music lovers as these speakers are more specialized in sound quality and have the ability to reproduce low bass frequencies and have the clarity of mid-high range frequencies. They are also known as floor speakers or tower speakers.
  • Satellite speakers
    These speakers are tiny and come in 3.1, and 5.1 speaker sets with a subwoofer included. Usually, these are used for surround sound systems and can be mounted on stands like Atlantic Satellite speaker stands to save space. The subwoofer helps to handle the lower frequencies and bass sounds that the satellite speakers can’t handle. With all the satellite speakers in a surround sound system put together on reliable stands like Atlantic Satellite speaker stands, the sound quality is worth the investment.
  • Subwoofers
    These speakers are specially designed to handle extremely low frequencies to add the heavy bass to the music and sound. These come in two different types front-firing and down-firing models. When placing the subwoofer, the material on the floor surface is important as the subwoofer tends to vibrate at low frequencies especially if it is a down-firing model. These are perfect for music lovers and action movie lovers for that extra bass effect in the sound.
  • Bookshelf speakers
    These speakers are double the size of the satellite speakers and reproduce good quality music on their own. Unlike satellite speakers that are mounted on stands like Atlantic Satellite speaker stands, the bookshelf speakers do not require a subwoofer to complete the sound quality. They work great on their own for smaller rooms. However, they might struggle with sound quality for bigger rooms. They are cost effective and save space as well because they are average sized.

So, depending on your preference for audio quality, you can pick from the above speakers to fit your room and your home theater system.

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